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Captivating MMO

xxreaper008xxreaper008 Member Posts: 181

I am looking for a MMO that will capture my attension within the first few minutes. I played GW for 3 years (2000+ hours) and WoW for about 2 years (on and off). I truly loved Guilds Wars on how it had missions. It made the game story and lore very interesting. World Of Warcraft was insteresting because I played warcraft 3 and it was an enjoyable experince seeing the world come to life. So i guesse i enjoy games with a good story behind it?

I tried:


Vanguard:SOH (Seems awkward, played only 5 minutes of it)

Perfect World (boreing)

GW (Loved it, I dont think i can play it still however after 2000+ hours of it)

WoW( Enjoyable, played all though BC but then WoTLK ruined the experince)

AoC ( never got past Tortage, it was alright)

Warhammer( Didnt really hold me into it, got to rank 8)


  • BeanfieldBeanfield Member Posts: 53

    The only mmo I'm currently playing is Fallen Earth. I can't say I'm absolutely crazy about it, but it's pretty fun and in my opinion worth a shot.

  • xxreaper008xxreaper008 Member Posts: 181

    I tried fallenearth, it kept me interested for a day but I got lost and stopped.

  • lornphoenixlornphoenix Member Posts: 993

    LOTR maybe?

    I tried the 14 day trail.

    It was alright, Didn't hook me, but it could you.

  • SerpentarSerpentar Member Posts: 246

    Dungeons and Dragons Online, free and its fantasy based so should be very familar and easy to pick up. Story/Quest oriented dungeon system. Though make sure to download the high resoulation client form the website, makes it look a bit better.

    Anarchy Online, also free at least up to level 200. Bit of lore and such surronding Rubi Ka. Sci-Fi with a dash of fantasy. Varied and interesting classes. An mission instance system which you can tailor to your wants, (ie hardness and such). Many zones to go out and explore. Only downer or two really, is that its an older MMO so its graphics and population are not quite up with the newer ones of course.

  • tidalkrakentidalkraken Member Posts: 49

    Give Vanguard a second chance

  • zeowyrmzeowyrm Member Posts: 746

    Originally posted by tidalkraken

    Give Vanguard a second chance

    Seconded.  5 minutes isn't nearly enough time for a game.

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