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How is this game Karos Online? Can I play Male?

knighthonorknighthonor Member Posts: 96

Can I play a male character? just wondering on that part first.


Also how is this game?

is it sandboxed or Theme park system?

How often do they have large scale PvP?

How bad is the PK system as of now?

Hows the large scale PvE?



  • scuubeedooscuubeedoo Member Posts: 458

    If i am not mistaken on this game there are 4 classes, from which 2 can only be male and the other 2 can only be female. But maybe i think of some other game - i am not 100% sure.

    "Traditionally, massively multiplier online games have been about three basic gameplay pillars – combat, exploration and character progression. In Alganon, in addition to these we've added the fourth pillar to the equation: Copy & Paste."

  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

    mm from what i saw in the ads it looks like the dungeon are either evolving or changing randomly beats me what it means but it sounded cool so im checking it just in case its a good game

    since im playing aika right now and on a 460 mb dl footprint aika did impress me immensly so might be luck with this one also we ll see!

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