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Lotro EU/Codemasters trial

Hello. I was about to try the game on EU/Codemasters, but it seems to me that i have to buy it beforehand in order to "try" it? Then what kind of try is that...?

Here is what i do and what i get, so tell me if i am wrong on anything:

1. I google for "lotro europe" and click the 1st link which takes me to

2. I click the big button on the right-bottom part of then screen that reads "Play free for 14 days. Get started now!". This takes me to which is the player's account page.

3. I click the link that is right under the category "your trial games" and reads like "Add a new game". This takes me to

4. On the "Product" pull down menu, i select LOTRO and press the Submit button. This takes me to another page on the same url which contains 2 buttons: "Purchase" and "Enter activation code".

5. If i click on the "Enter activation code" button it asks me for an activation code, which i don't have.

6. If i click on the "Purchase" button it asks me to purchase the game for 49.99 Euro.

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  • takayitakayi Member Posts: 158

    You should get a key to your email or somewhere, which you will then put to that activation code part. It will activate the trial.


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