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And so I ask myself...

pingopingo Member UncommonPosts: 608

Im currently playing WoW. Its a fine game. it looks amazing, but..

When it comes to the character creation, I am disgusted.

Really being able to create an uniqe alter ego, is an essential part in the point itself in having a persistent character, that you can go back to too, improve, develop and evolve. Not just stat and abillity wise, but also just have your uniqe character with uniqe looks.

GW looks stunning. It has a great art direction like WoW, but is more realistic and with lesser strong colors in than WoW.

But like WoW, the number of facial features is severly limited.

I feel this is bad considering that human is the only race in GW.

I just hope that Arenanet will learn from Blizzards mistake and make allot of facial features and so on so everyone can feel more uniqe than currently. 5 different hairstyles, simply don't cut it IMO.

No this is not the sims or barbie dress up doll game, but still. I feel this is important. Not just in terms of being an RPG, having your own alter ego, but also to beat down the repetitation level when you see a clone of yourself running around, like in WoW.


  • gsonoxgsonox Member Posts: 121

    I feel this is important as well and I hope, that ArenaNet will do something about this. It isn´t so big flaw, that I wouldn´t play the game, but a big part of the atmosphere includes charater looks and the variety of clothes/items. It feels stupid, when most of the fighters look like your fighter, only being a little taller or shorter.

    I´ve played wow as well and I think it´s a great game, specially for those gamers, who really like getting into a specific game, playing for several hours a day. But from my point of view the game isn´t worth it´s money, I´m way too casual-gamer for wow. It is very well made, it´s good sides cover the bad in my opinion, but it requires time to play.. And just basically it get´s really boring for me after about 13-14 lvl.

  • Gats2k6Gats2k6 Member Posts: 190

    don't you worry about there only being human race since the devs of guildwars said they will have potentially more races than human that we will probally see in an expansion pack or maybe a streamed client patch that gw does so well at

  • Invincible37Invincible37 Member Posts: 172
    id have to say right now that they have to make more races.no devs in their right  mind would make a fantasy mmo without multiple races.im sure they will add dwarves as their already shown in game.new classes are a sure thing too.as well as more player customizability(if thats a word lol).personally id like to be one of those brute charr axe warriors
  • HieromancerHieromancer Member Posts: 282

    Personally, i dont see the problem with this, if ur having a crave for diversity in your char, go pick up some cartoon game, the diversity for me is ur skills, what you going to use, its easy to know who your character is.

    Its obvious how good this game is when someone has to nit pick on the color or shape of the nose or w/e and the color of the eyes and eye brows, well to me if its not noticable by me whys it matter.

    Think of it this way, your not running twowards some charr looking to see if u have a zit or if ur make up is all good, lol i mean come on, be more specific in bigger things.

    Example - Quests, Armor Customization, Bugs, Pets Armor, Skills, Attributes.

  • gsonoxgsonox Member Posts: 121

    Well, this problem is quite tiny, but there are few of us who would like some credibility in order to play a role. Because thats what a Role Playing Game is all about. Ofcourse a computer RPG is quite different from a real RPG, but still.. I´d like to have some more major options, like more face graphics, more different looks for armor/clothes etc.

    But in this case, because you don´t really share the playing areas with other people, this little "flaw" gets even smaller. Still I would want my warrior to look a little different than my buddy´s warrior..

  • cyrdaancyrdaan Member Posts: 60
    iI have seen several mentions of races in expansion packs. I would hope that this would affect character look more than class choice. I don't want racial class restrictions, that is so stupid. While it makes sense sometime, it is not something I want for GW. Also, who knows, they could have a lot more features for customability(is that a word?) It is still in the beta stage and there is two months exactly until release (or atleast for preorders, which i am one of image).
  • Red_JibutiRed_Jibuti Member Posts: 61

    I would have to concur, the game does need more customizability. Anyone rember the game of the year Morrowind? They capitalized on that trait of being able to be unique, not seeing clones (hell of a lot of combinations), and freedom; you could be really immersed in the game by having a unique character. I felt disappointed when I found out there were only five hairstyles in GuildWars, they all were cool of course, but when you strip a game down into layers, you find what really makes a game successful, isn’t the great graphics, diversity, hype, ads(obviously),art, futures, or music. What really makes a game is a story, or immersion, something that makes you want to come back and enter this virtual world. Entertainment yes, it has many names, it has attributes that rival the illusive, paranormal, but ultimately it is an emotion-enjoyment. Think of a game as an onion, the thicker the layer the more developed, now how would you describe great games? Will guild wars fit the shadow of the other great games? Will guild wars be great? The answer is yes, regardless of all this they have an open beta, and this by far is one of the greatest games I have ever played. I could have a stick figure for a character and still be enjoying the game, though I’d be disappointed and the game wouldn’t be platinum 99.9999% quality but it captured that enjoyment and led me a great weekend in gaming history. I would hope they get at least ten more hairstyles so that it will be more of an RPG, but I still think this game will prevail.

    Post.Script. – Hieromancer ever heard of the phrase “devil’s advocate” before you go voicing your opinion denouncing me because you have a problem with my logic. (in fact you didn’t even understand what I wrote, did you even read it!?!? + I could go around saying that I’m tired of your posts that appear more like spam than anything else. Everyone seems to think your polls are getting really repetitive, annoying, and downright stupid. Had to get that out it was getting really annoying. So you can shut it about the can’t stand me crap now, because you clearly don’t have the comprehension to understand that I didn’t feel like paying for an expansion, but you, contrary to me, thought I wanted to pay for a monthly fee. I could go on but that is for further entertainment.

    ^ Sorry bout’ that-needed to be expressed ^

    *Deleted*-fixed-and revised some stuff- PEACE yo



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