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So I hit a wall

VooDoo_PapaVooDoo_Papa Member UncommonPosts: 897

and I just started playing.  My main character is level 14, my henchmen are level 13-11 and I have 3 henchmen: spear, gunner, archer.  Im playing a sword

Im stuck on the quest to defeat the Diseased Tree.  I get completely wiped by my second turn.  I have to be doing something wrong because I was given this quest at level 10 I think.  However, according to the "odds" interface its telling me I have just over a 50% chance of defeating this encounter.

so, I have no more I suppose to grind up levels to complete this objective?  If so, does this happen often in the game?



  • trancejeremytrancejeremy Member UncommonPosts: 1,222

    Hmmmm, you meant the Mutant Tree? This guy?

    Hmmm, I've done that 4 times and I never had any trouble. Are you using any gear?

    I also think you can party up to tackle it. So try asking around?

    For the next boss, Hellish Fairy, you should use scrolls. But I guess you don't have any yet.

    R.I.P. City of Heroes and my 17 characters there

  • VooDoo_PapaVooDoo_Papa Member UncommonPosts: 897

    well, I found someone else who was stuck so we grouped.  I guess I wasnt the only one.

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