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Simple Crafting: a tutorial

darkbladeddarkbladed Member Posts: 193

Hi, Allison Frost here and boy am I starving.

First I’m going to open up my crafting window.

Next I’m going to go to the Cooking tab (looks like crossed fork and spoon).

Then I need to decide what I am going to make;

Ah Vegetarian Chili! Seems I have some of the materials already

Ok so it says I need;

8 Tainted Vegetables

1 Stewed Veggies (I remember that I have some in my Vault Storage)

3 Squishy Tomatoes

2 Tainted Water (I already have 12 in my bag)

And 2 Raw Honeycombs (Me want Honey Combs! tm, actually seems I have 10 already)

Next I’m going to either have to harvest the rest of the components or buy them from a crafting supply merchant or from another player through the Auctioneer.

I take the Lazy way out and Visit Garrison Habibi a cooking merchant in New Flagstaff.

Now I have all the materials and I can get to work

Awww Man! This is going to take forever

Notice that this recipe takes about 10 minutes to complete

But that is easily remedied by going to our local cooking workshop.


Take a look at the sign for some of the patented Fallen Earth humor!

Once I go inside the Shop;

You will notice that the time has decreased drastically (down to 6 minutes)

Notice: There was some time lost in transit.

The shop probably only took me down to 8 minutes (from 10)

Oh look at that my Chili is finished

To get my Chili into my inventory you must double click the icon in the crafting menu

If you accidently close the crafting progress window;

First Press L to bring up your crafting window

Then Press the button I highlighted in red and drew and big arrow at.

Now that you have your Vegetarian Chili;

Dig in!

When you eat this item from your inventory you will gain a buff on your top buffbar

This Chili gives +5 Health every 6 Seconds and it lasts for an hour!

Also to note while crafting you don’t need to stay in town or a workshop

You can go out and Murder some Devils Own Thugs or hop on your horse and look for more resources.

It also crafts while you are logged off!

You can also Queue up to 20 items to be made.

I myself set a motorcycle part to craft each night while I sleep (they take 8 hours to make!)

Hope this helps people out.

I’m going to go gather up some resources so I can make a motorcycle in our next installment…

Complex Crafting and You!



  • DonnieBrascoDonnieBrasco Member Posts: 1,757

    Excellent, keep up the fantastic work :) love the style!


    Denial makes one look a lot dumber than he/she actually is.

  • pekshmaerpekshmaer Member Posts: 58

    very good job!  5/5 


  • GruntyGrunty Member RarePosts: 8,562

    A good brief introduction to crafting. That icon in the lower left corner really needs to have some text by it to tell what it does.  It is easily overlooked.

    "I used to think the worst thing in life was to be all alone.  It's not.  The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel all alone."  Robin Williams
  • darkbladeddarkbladed Member Posts: 193

    I will be posting my Complex Crafting Guide sometime on sunday (building a cycle and need a screenie of the Key).

    Saty tooned!

  • lnin0lnin0 Member Posts: 7

    Thanks for the help. Can you also include info in the guide you are working on that covers what all those books inside of my books mean. Oh,  and also where do you get the advanced 'kits' to craft with beyond the basic model that comes when you are hatched.

  • darkbladeddarkbladed Member Posts: 193

    complex crafting tutorial coming soon

    busy with RL

  • darkbladeddarkbladed Member Posts: 193

    Ihave the screenies etc for the complex tutorial but barely have enough time to get in game than to post another review, may come eventualy

  • NeVeRLiFtNeVeRLiFt Member UncommonPosts: 380

    Just got the game and I'm liking it, seems like a good sandbox mmo so far.

    Thank you for doing this, I meet some nice people so far within the game.


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  • darkbladeddarkbladed Member Posts: 193

    Thanks a lot; it was a real fun game.

    I have moved on since; due to lack of max level content

    I am playing Xsyon now.

    Good game, very sandboxy, bu not feature finished, and has a small dev team; so you gotta know how to wait if you wanna play it.

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