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Guild wars -

I know that the release is in APRIL but has anyone heard anything about the expansions? Have they dropped any hints about it's content and such.

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  • semanticsemantic Member Posts: 122

    Expansions? We haven't even seen all the release content yet.

    What they've talked about are things like new skills, items, classes, maybe races, and of course a whole new map as big as the first one full of mobs. They've also talked about more indoor areas or maybe underground dungeons in expansions. And more PvP stuff as well.

  • Ken`ShieroKen`Shiero Member Posts: 289

    Expansions.... No, not that I heard of. But a few things are becoming clear as deadline to the release comes ever closer.

    One, new weapons, armor, and more character customization I feel will be added. Maybe a dual wield will be added I truly hope so that would be a good added feature. And two, going on what Semantic said new areas like dungeons and indoor environments would be good to add. I was thinking maybe more missions not just for groups but hopefully solo too.


    Just some thoughts.image

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  • MalicusMalicus Member Posts: 307
    I solo all my missions with war/monkimage

    I know that we have not seen all the release content, I was thinking that the closer it gets to the release date they might drop some hints as to what is to come. I am really impressed by the devs on this game they seem to really pay attention to what is being said about the game from all the beta weekend events.

    Thanks guys

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  • devilman9889devilman9889 Member Posts: 24

    yes accualy i did hear about future "chapters" that will be released every 6-9 months, hold on i will even find a link for you....

    "While no price has been set, ArenaNet has commented that they hope to release new chapters every 6-9 months at a price comparable to other games."


  • semanticsemantic Member Posts: 122

    Of course Guild Wars isn't free. It costs $50. But you don't have to pay a monthly charge for access to the servers. Ever. I'll still be able to play if I don't buy an expansion. And don't pretend to be wise and say "yeah but they'll make it so you have to". If you think that will be the case, you don't know the company any better than you know the game (which isn't very well if you think you've seen the end of it).

  • sidebustersidebuster Member UncommonPosts: 1,712
    Actually, they set it up to were the old armor is going to be worse than the new expansion armor and content. They probably study how people play mmorpgs, and they are going to tward the d2 style gammers where they all want the best stuff, and hey its free. I think most will think (including my hard headed friend in rl) that buying a $40 expansion is better than monthly cost.
  • XardasteoXardasteo Member Posts: 159

    Well, i can tell this much:

    - GuildWars Costs $50, NO Exceptions
    - NO Monthly Fee
    - U get when u buy the game, Chapter 1 for an example. Later on u can buy Chapter 2, 3, 4 whenever u like, its not that when chapter 2 is released u have 2 buy it 2 be able 2 play the game, so u can also stick just 2 chapter 1 :) , ofcourse this is just an example, but pretty close 2 how it will be :D .





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  • SlytheSlythe Member UncommonPosts: 952

    I pretty much agree with what Ren said. They are going to try and hook all the uber players that want the best stuff. If you choose not to buy their expansions then you will seriously have a disadvantage, considering the whole game is centered on PVP.

    You could play Guild Wars without buying the expansions, true, but when you see someone that did buy the expansion pack and he laughs at you while your weak sword does 3 damage to his uber armor, dont get mad. Just tell yourself that youre saving money by not having to pay monthly fees!

  • semanticsemantic Member Posts: 122

    I guess only time will tell. However, assuming that ArenaNet will have to resort to typical MMO marketing schemes (despite their specific statements to the contrary) doesn't make you enlightened, just the purveyor of bad assumptions. If they have to resort to such tactics, it will be because the franchise has already failed (and has been sold to someone else), not because it is their intent. Breaking the fundamental balance of the game will have a much greater negative impact on the brand than any possible positive effect generated by required expansions.

    I'm not very familiar with M:TG, but it's my understanding that later decks are not strictly more powerful than the original ones. However, I imagine a lack of familiarity with newer decks would hamper a player's competitiveness. If there is to be a competitive disadvantage in not owning GW expansions, it will come not from lack of access to later skills and equipment, but lack of familiarity with their use and effects. Of course, study will help to mitigate this disadvantage.

    Again, you simply don't understand the game and the franchise very well, despite having played it, and you are bringing bad assumptions with you into your analysis of its future evolution. I'm not claiming that GW is some MMO Utopia where we can all go live a Platonic online gaming existence. But it will not be as you describe it. The game will remain balanced. If more powerful items appear in later expansions, they will also appear in earlier ones.

  • MalicusMalicus Member Posts: 307
    I agree with semantic, there is nothing to base these assumptions on other then a jaded sense of business. So far they have kept their fanbase very happy and there is no reason to assume they have ill intentions for the future . Not this early. Sounds to me like more of a way for you to excuse your pay2play habits

    First, I realize GW is not free, but I like the idea of thier new cost model and would like to see it more. Heck, who is not tired of paying $50 for a game only to find out it has more bugs than a roach motel.

    As for GW being just another level-grinder...... WHAT RPG is not that in one way or another. Yes they are some that are not as linear as GW but the point of the game remains ... leveling up, powering up, finding the better weapons/armor/spells. But hey Real life is a level grinder also....

    The idea of the expansions is particularly appealing to me (being an old D&D player, yes D&D not AD&D)  it reminds me of buying those D&D modules. Not having a monthly fee is nice when you have tests or finals and cannot play for a month, at least it does not cost you $15 for it to just sit there, and who has $15 to just throw away.  Also I was impressed by how long they are taking to get it out.. shoot from what I can see it was ready months ago but they held off and it looks to me like they have made constant efforts to takke advice from the fickle group known as "PLAYERS" but some people still want to whine.

    Me personally I would like more games to be like EVE where you pay $20 get a month free then pay per month IF you like the game (yes I know how old it is, but look at the size of its universe).

    BTW: I am not a dev or have anything to do with the game industry , so what do I know (I JUST LIKE TO HAVE FUN PLAYING A GAME....)

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  • ShadusShadus Member UncommonPosts: 669

    It might also finally extinguish that myth that Guild Wars is "free."

    Well it is free in the sense that there is no ongoing monthly charge. I would expect a new expansion probally every 6mo roughly... i doubt they'll be required to play, but you can be sure they'll add features that prevent you from being competative in pvp if you don't own it heh.


  • semanticsemantic Member Posts: 122

    Tell me, was M:TG successful in spite of the fact that later decks gave no competitive advantage? Frankly, it appears that old age has robbed you of the ability to add up your own experiences in a coherent way. How about D&D? D&D isn't competitive, but I think the same basic principle has driven the success of both franchises throughout their relatively long (in game world terms) histories - nearly endless variety. People bought expansion sets in both games simply because they liked playing, and each expansion was like a brand new version of the game, a brand new sandbox to play in. As I said, if ArenaNet (or some heir to the franchise) has to resort to the brainless grind tactics you suggest in order to to continue to squeeze $$ out of the Guild Wars name, it will be because people have grown fundamentally bored with the sandbox. I think they have good reason to expect that won't be the case for quite a while.

  • semanticsemantic Member Posts: 122

    So you're saying M:TG was unsuccessful until they invalidated certain decks.

    I'm not bad at analogies, you're just selective in your interpretation. D&D, M:TG and GW all share an important common trait. You just can't see it.

    Guild Wars is a kind of sandbox, but certainly not in the same vein as for example ATITD. GW is a tactical sandbox, where ATITD is more like a second life.

    Your hyperbole cracks me up, though. You'll have to find something else to rant about though, ,when ANet only release 1.5-2 expansions a year that are nicely balanced and as big as the original (of which you've only seen a fraction - which of course you don't believe becuase THINGS JUST DON"T WORK THAT WAY).

  • RoinRoin Member RarePosts: 3,401

    Rent, you really like commenting on things you really don't know for sure eh? Are you some sort of a prophet or something? In the matter of Guildwars when it comes down to your word, or Arena.net's. I think i'll take their word over yours.

    I think you fail to realize that GW's is a PvP centric game. Expansions with uber items/armors/weapons have no place in it. Arena.net has said as much. They've said many times that expansions for most part will be nothing more then: new land masses, new missions, new pvp maps, and new gvg maps. Because they believe they found a nice balance in the current state of pvp/gvg that they don't want to disturb.

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  • semanticsemantic Member Posts: 122

    OK, I'm the CEO of NCSoft, and here's what I say. I encourage ArenaNet to do exactly what they say they're going to do:

    - maintain balance throughout the life of the game
    - provide access to a secure multiplayer environment with the purchase of the box
    - and release a new, full version that plugs into the previous releases every 6-9 months

    because I think it's good business. The only people who would stick with the franchise you're describing would be a small, hard-core group of addicts. The model ANet is proposing, on the other hand, will generate and sustain a large, loyal fanbase that runs the gamut from ultra-casual to semi-pro, and do so over a long period of time. I'll take the $50mil annually that I'll generate with this plan as opposed to the $10mil with yours (if yours would even generate that much).

    And I'm not sure what your beef is with the initial series of missions, other than the fact that that's all that's been available during the betas, and you're personally bored of seeing it. That part of the game is a story-driven RPG that introduces players to the game mechanics in a creative way just like any other RPG. The difference in this case is, once you get the mechanics down, there's actually some dynamic, balanced PvP gameplay waiting for you that didn't take you 2 months to reach. Sure, it's linear. Stories are like that.

    We have yet to see any of the post-ascension content, which will end up being a majority of the PvE game. The PvP options have been limited so far as well, but people still spend hours in the arena and Tombs during the events, so there's apparently something interesting happening there. And that's without any development in the meta-game to speak of. Alpha testers who play regularly and with the intent to stretch the tactical envelope in the PvP game have barely begun to test its range.

    They're going about it the right way, and they're making a good game. Their approach will pay off in the long run. You have my permission to write it down and stick it to your forehead so you won't have to wait for my email 2 years from now.

  • minkis18minkis18 Member Posts: 24

    hmm... ive heard of this game! is it worth it?

  • VelgarVelgar Member Posts: 39

    Alright rentantilus, since you are obviously too stuck on your vision of guild wars to read the fact, I'll copy/ past a part of it for you.(

    Am I required to buy the expansion packs to continue to play Guild Wars?

    No. Every purchase you make in the continuation of the Guild Wars saga will be your choice. If you purchase expansion packs you will gain access to new regions of the world, new skills and abilities, new items, new professions, and much more. However, if you choose to not purchase a chapter, you will still be able to play the chapters of Guild Wars that you own, and you will have common areas in which you will be able to play with and against your friends who have purchased the other chapter(s).

    Will I remain competitive if I do not buy the expansion packs? Will I be able to compete with and against others if I have only some of the Guild Wars chapters?

    Yes. Purchasing the newer chapters of Guild Wars will not make you strictly more powerful. You will have access to many more strategic options, due to the expanding nature of the skills, abilities, items and professions that you enjoy with each chapter. It would be similar to building a deck in Magic: The Gathering™: The more cards you own, the more different playing decks that you can choose from to use in the game. When you buy the chapters of Guild Wars, you will acquire a larger collection of skills and abilities from which to build your skill set, but you will not gain more power. So if you purchase a chapter and your friend does not, you will still be able to play competitively against and with one another.

    Now, just like EVE online, it is actually possible for designer to make a game that is not only there to make money, but also to entertain the players. So, unless you're a seer of course, how can you be so certain how the game will turn out before it is even released?

    Yes the game is linear, but so is almost every single player RPG released up to now. This game is NOT a MMORPG, so please stop analyzing it as so. See it instead as cooperative traditional RPG that play online, to be played to have fun right now, not as a game where you have to invest countless of hour before the fun can start.

    To conclude, Retantilus, I myself think you are a perpetual pessismist who believe that who do not have the same tastes as you is either misguided, uninformed, alienated or plain retarded.

    (P.S I apologize for any grammatical mistake I might have made, enlgish is not my native tongue)

  • KaylonKaylon Member Posts: 13

    After reading this thread, I have decided to do something that seems to be the best for figuring out where things will be going.

    I mean no offense to either of the below mentioned persons, I only wish to remind those reading this, that it is up to each and every one of you to make up your own minds on the game, and to wait until all of the facts are in before jumping to conclusions.  That being said:

    I'm going to wait and see before shooting my mouth off one way or the other, as I believe that the possibility exists for A-net and NCSoft to do exactly what Ren said and try to make a game that costs as much, if not more than, the average MMORPG.  However, I also see the potential for them to be successful as well in following what has been printed on more sites than I even care to look at, and that is to keep the base game just as viable for those that do not wish to purchase all or even any of the expansions. 

    However this works out, I will be happy for the time being just enjoying what the game has to offer now, and will worry about how it turns out later.  AFter all, if I were to get as worked up over things as you two seem to do, then I would most likely have decided many years ago, (and I do mean many), that the entire gaming industry as a whole, (and that goes for any type, from console to MMORPG, to tabletop RPG, to board games), was nothing more than a complete waste of time and joined the dull and uninteresting lifestyle of sitting around watching the grass grow for fun.

    Let's face it folks, each of us will have to make up our own minds.  So far as I can tell, neither of the main two posters on this thread works for NCSoft of ArenaNet, and as such, neither have any more direct knowledge of how things will or will not be.

    Personally, I take the lot of it for what it is actually worth to me.  Their opinions on the matter.  If I wanted someone to tell me what to think, I would ask my wife.  imageimageimage


  • Gats2k6Gats2k6 Member Posts: 190

    its a little early to be talking about expansions and its content =/ but hell gw will be worth the expansions

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