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Gamertags To Reflect Sexual Orientation

Cik_AsalinCik_Asalin Member Posts: 3,033


I find this funny and one of the most unnecessary things interjected into gaming to-date.


  • sephersepher Member Posts: 3,561

    This new update to the Code of Conduct "will allow our members to more freely express their race, nationality, religion and sexual orientation in Gamertags and profiles," he says.


    Sounds kind of normal. Our gender, age, locations are all listed in our profiles. Most communities that have personal profiles list as much basic information.

    Inclusion of religion and sexual orientation though draws closer to Facebook and purer social networking though. But that too makes sense I guess. Nowadays the gamertag is linked to every other Microsoft account we may have if we choose to. Xbox Live is partly a social network, and is increasingly becoming more of one.

  • Cik_AsalinCik_Asalin Member Posts: 3,033

    *chuckles* interesting. I gotta get on board with a facebook account, then!

  • sephersepher Member Posts: 3,561

    Yep...I'd agree though that it doesn't have a lot to do with gaming. Same way revealing such info on Amazon has nothing to do with book buying. Amazon allows you to opt in or opt out of creating a community facing profile. If Microsoft alienates anyone, maybe they should do the same.

  • Jimmy_ScytheJimmy_Scythe Member CommonPosts: 3,586

    Now if they'd just let us make references to Linux in our Gamertags....

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