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SF nerf patch

djazzydjazzy Member Posts: 3,578

It's coming pretty quick here. However, along with it they are nerfing Obsidian Flesh and 600/smite builds as well. While I think the Shadow Form nerf is way overdue I feel sad that 600/smite builds will be getting hit too. Anyway here is a small summary of the next skills update (which is scheduled for Feb 25th).

* Shadow Form and Invulnerability

* Hammer Mastery in PvE

* Ritualist in End Game PvE

* Tactics Rework

* Blood Magic Rework

* Other Balance Issues


  • HalandirHalandir Member UncommonPosts: 773

    I was looking forward to this. Not to gloat about the SF and 600/smite nerf everyone knew was coming. (I really do not see the problem with 'PvE - I win button' builds in a game where the same builds are useless in PvP.)

    I did expect a lot on the (to me) more interesting PvP frontier. I ended up with this:

    Hammer warriors getting some attention: Got to love that

    Making the tactics attribute (somewhat) useful again: FINALLY.

    Obsidian Flesh warrs should finally be a thing of the past (hated playing that in a PvE group) - Too bad that we will have SF warriors instead

    Mesmers getting absolutely NO love (as usual.) Instead 'Power Block' is no longer worth the elite slot: Why Anet, do you keep mistreating your most unique class?

    R/A's got the expected nerf with shattering assault (assasin skill) moved to the critical strike attribute.

    I bet some skills will be seriously problematic after the update:

    RA: I am going to play around with a Seeping Wound build for some cheap glad points.

    HA: Will we see a lot of gimmick warr teams with order+mark of fury necros now?

    Overall I can't help feeling a little dissapointed with the update. It looks huge but in the end it is mostly a PvE farming nerf. PvP wise it will nerf some gimmicks and introduce (or re-introduce) some others.

    Too much loss for the PvE soloers and just a bunch of 'Meh', 'Blahh' and 'Been there, done that' for the PvP'er. Sorry Anet and 'Test Krewe'. A lot of wasted effort on this one IMO. Not enough 'good' to counter the 'bad'.



    We dont need casuals in our games!!! Errm... Well we DO need casuals to fund and populate our games - But the games should be all about "hardcore" because: We dont need casuals in our games!!!
    (repeat ad infinitum)

  • knighthonorknighthonor Member Posts: 96

    Woot my Para/Warrior going to have some fun with that tactics buff.

    But can they buff some of the Para support spells that are on the weaker side of things please.


  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

    mesmer are still very dangerous 1 mesmer and some certain other class can shut down a team in a hurry any that doubt this

    havent met good mesmer /xyz combo

    these new change will make guild wars interesting again to lot of class

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