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Rangers -- Does anyone have any links to pics, videos, pics of ranger armor, weapons? Etc

sygmassygmas Member Posts: 949

See topic.

Anything on rangers in EQ2. I can't seem to find any on my own. If no one has links to videos, could anyone experienced with Ranger in EQ2 tell me if the animations for the various archery attacks are different? Or are they all the same with simply different status effects / damage? (I played guild wars briefly and double shot actually used two arrows, and the flame shot actually had him ignite the arrows then fire them)



  • kylethemankyletheman Member Posts: 2
    try , the might have ...
  • VandelVandel Member Posts: 3
    Yes as being a level 32 ranger the different range attack do have different animations. Using one skill that i gained in the 30s your bow accually catches on fire and also fires a flamming arrow. Also some skills you will see your too fire one, two or even tree arrows. Hope this helps
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