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iPhone App iCollector + Shaiya

ZeyaVisuddhaZeyaVisuddha Member Posts: 15


I discovered this game because I downloaded an iPhone app called "iCollector". This app is a GPS-linked game where you walk around in the real world and there are hidden virtual items and when you get close, you collect the item. It seems to be mostly gold and then some in-game items for this game Shaiya.


I've only used the app for about an hour or so (haven't even walked around) and I've never heard of Shaiya before. I was curious if people on here use the iPhone app and can weigh in on how they work with one another. Is it pretty cool? What do you think? 


  • ZeyaVisuddhaZeyaVisuddha Member Posts: 15

     Ha, I guess nobody cares. Well I ended up deleting the app from my phone anyway. It was just too difficult to get near an item. It would be placed in the middle of a big store or something and you would have to get something like 30 feet away from the pinpoint in order to pick it up. And in some areas there just didn't seem to be any items at all. Kind of a fail. Good idea though. They can improve it by fixing the "drop rate" and making the radius about 3x bigger.


    I still haven't tried Shaiya yet, but I probably won't. I'm not a f2p guy.

  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

    its a good idea ,probably hard to implement thos lol!shaia is a great game just isnt played at this end of the world like all f2p game!

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