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Recruiting: Dedicated ROLEPLAY Group for DDO (Monday 06:30 - 10:30 pm, GMT+1)

SchroesCatSchroesCat Member UncommonPosts: 44


I am trying to rally a group of avid and mature RPers to play through DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online). The game is F2P and has nice touches to it. Unfortunately RP is next to non-existent there.

The only way to get a little RP fix and thoughtful gameplay there seems to be with a regular static group, which I am trying to rally right now to play once or max twice a week.

If anyone wants to hear about details, I heartily invite you to take a look at a little forums I set up for that purpose:

General link to the boards:

Intro Post and "About": 




  • SchroesCatSchroesCat Member UncommonPosts: 44

    We have decided on a schedule now:

    Game Schedule is every monday evening 06:30 - 10:30 pm (GMT+1, Berlin, Amsterdam)

    We still have 2-3 slots open:

    We will start soon (probably march 8th), but also welcome additions to our group later on if they meet the requirements.


  • SchroesCatSchroesCat Member UncommonPosts: 44


    Starting 8th of march, we are currently full with 6 players. Thanks for your interest! 

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