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Come back!!!

I miss you, come back

save us from all this junk thats out here lol


  • VarnyVarny Member Posts: 765

    I played beta and along with most other people I met, we all agreed the game just wasn't very good and it got canceled for a reason. It wasn't the worst mmorpg I ever played but it just didn't WoW you or do anything special. Beta was quite dead because most people probably stopped playing.

  • bleyzwunbleyzwun Member UncommonPosts: 1,087

    This beta was the worst...  Why would you want this to come back?

  • strutter78strutter78 Member Posts: 90

    I was in the beta as well, and acually enjoyed the beta. It was an interesting premise, and had alot going for it, and could have been a decent game. Too bad that it went belly up with Perpetual going down the tubes, we'll never know what it could have turned in to.

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  • StevenArmyStevenArmy Member UncommonPosts: 10

    well to each their own.....
    I enjoyed what I saw and was looking forward to see the finished product.

  • TillerTiller Member LegendaryPosts: 11,219

    The beta was almost as bad as VG, I was there. It can stay dead for all I care.

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  • StevenArmyStevenArmy Member UncommonPosts: 10

    almost all betas i have played in sucked

  • MartinmasMartinmas Member UncommonPosts: 239

    I must have had some rose tinted glasses on because I enjoyed the beta for Gods and Heroes a lot. 

  • saohcsaohc Member Posts: 41

    Your wish shall coem true for Gods and Heroes is COMING BACK!!

  • KyngBillsKyngBills Member UncommonPosts: 452
    Originally posted by Martinmas

    I must have had some rose tinted glasses on because I enjoyed the beta for Gods and Heroes a lot. 


    I think plenty of Folks liked it a lot. I know I tested with My Best Friend...And when I called him to tell him the news yesterday he was REAL excited. We both enjoyed the Game in Beta...Even though there were some obvious problems...Really looking forward to seeing how it ends up at Launch...

  • mysticquemysticque Member UncommonPosts: 36

     ohh im really glad the development has been brought back to resurrection.

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  • tinlartinlar Member Posts: 15

    I had a guild ready to move to Gods and Heroes ... and as disenchanted as we've become with WoW I can bet you I still do.   Glad to see this project has legs again.

  • Westside32Westside32 Member UncommonPosts: 29

    My fiancee and I have fond memories of the beta as well.  I remember it as being alot of fun, as I dont really enjoy most betas the game had some very promising features. I am extremely eager to see what the new devs do and hope i will be allowed back in the beta.  If you didn't enjoy then move on, why bother coming here to post negativity.  No one in the history of MMO's has ever listened too people screaming how terrible a game was in beta.  And to be honest no one cares.

  • WeaponXWeaponX Member Posts: 241

    There were alot of ppl that did not have the computer to run the game, I had a top of the line at the time and it was fun and ran great for me, but a friend of mine could not even turn around in the game so he would autofollow me til we got in a fight and he would just button mash and even he had fun and liked what he could see of the game.


    I just hope they don't go changeing alot of stuff, I really enjoyed some of the fighting animations like the one that had 3 or 4 diff. moves it would do.

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