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Anyone have any gameplay movies?

BigfootBigfoot Member Posts: 364

The screen shots look pretty good, but how about seeing the game in action? Anyone have any gameplay movies or know where to get some?


Looking for something new.


  • -Inferno--Inferno- Staff WriterMember UncommonPosts: 325

    Dude, your sig is way huge!!

    Regarding videos, try these:


    Nothing overly impressive and no action as far as I can see. But that's one of the reasons why we're so suspicious of the qualities of this "game".

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  • RazorbackRazorback Member Posts: 5,253

    The most recent available video footage of this game is from July 2004

    On the boards the devs constantly say "dont take this video as being evidence we have changed a LOT since then"

    However in their infinite wisdom they have chosen not to release even 10 seconds of more recent video even though the game is alegedly only days from open (pay to play) beta. I dont know what this means but I do know this.

    The video footage released by both WoW and EQ2 in the same end of development period did more to pull in pre-orders and new players than just about anything else. Anyone with half a clue about marketing would be keen to release updated video at this time to keep the pre-orders flowing and counter all this talk about vapour ware.

    I guess thats why it hasnt happened.image

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  • ArcariusArcarius Member Posts: 72

    They don't release more for only one logical reason:

    It isn't improved significantly at all.

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  • RPGPorksterRPGPorkster Member Posts: 77

    Maybe they can't sustain a large player base due to bandwidth?  Like where are the servers going to be?  Hanging of a home DSL connection?  A Euro internet backbone?


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