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Zoning question

Mr_ManMr_Man Member Posts: 77

How many zones is Qeynos?  I'm close to giving this game a shot, but I'm wondering how annoying zoning can be, as I have heard.  I have no problem with zones in general, and that was one of the things that really drew me to WoW, MxO, and SWG... but now I see the advantages to zones. 

With zones, you can regulate populations, instances, and have an easier-to-load 3D environment.  So, I've finally come around to acknowledging that.  But, I still don't want to see too many irritating loading screens.

I'm just wondering how "bad" it is in this game.  I figured if I could get a good word on how many zones are in the primary city that would give me a better idea.  I didn't mind the way it was handled in the trial.


  • NihilanthNihilanth Member Posts: 1,357

    the cities are the only even slightly bad part of zoning IMO, as there are 10 zones in Qeynos and 9 in freeport. However, the cities have a nice bell system that cuts down on having to go through 6 zones to get from 1 side of the city to the other. also the zones in the city have lots to do and the 3 main ones in each city are pretty big.

    now when it comes to actuall combat zones, the zones range from semi-small dungeon style ones to massive zones like antonica, commonlands, and thundering steppes. not only that but they are all unique so you dont have 3 different zones to make up antonica, its just one really big one. basically if you don't mind zoning in other games you won't in this one.

    oh ya, if you have a slower computer the loading times may take ages, but on mine it doesn't take more than 7-8 seconds to zone and ive got:

    3.2Ghz Pentium 4
    1GB PC3200 RAM
    128 MB ATI RADEON 9600XT

    Schutzbar - Human Warrior - Windrunner Alliance - World of Warcraft
    Nihilanth - Kerra Paladin - Blackburrow - EverQuest II
    XBL Gamertag - Eagle15GT

  • darquenbladedarquenblade Member Posts: 1,015

    Hey Nihilanth, what kind of graphic quality do you get with your 9600XT. I've been interested in EQ2 for a while now, and was thinking about picking up that exact same card if I ever got the game.h

    Just curious. Thanks =)

  • NihilanthNihilanth Member Posts: 1,357

    i have a custom setting based around balanced. if you want to see some screenshots ive taken with it go here.

    Schutzbar - Human Warrior - Windrunner Alliance - World of Warcraft
    Nihilanth - Kerra Paladin - Blackburrow - EverQuest II
    XBL Gamertag - Eagle15GT

  • jeepndesertjeepndesert Member Posts: 33
    A bought the Sapphire ATI Radeon 9800 Pro from for a great price. Good card. I still need to upgrade my aging 1.8GHz with 768MB of expensive 400FSB RDRAM.
  • PyyrhusPyyrhus Member Posts: 6
    Truthfully the zoning sucks IMO, WoW is alot better in that aspect of the game, but the way the game looks makes up for it. You can always cut down loading times but putting it on extreme performance granted that'll take away the overrall look, but it'll be much more playable if you're using a slower computer. My computer takes about 20 secs which isn't really that bad, I tend to avoid the cities unless I must go there for some reason. Usually though when you're zoning into Antonica, Thundering Steppes, EL, etc... you plan to stay there for more than a minute or two so the 20 second load isn't that bad a drag. However, places like Qeynos Harbor...the zoning isn't the problem the lag is. The lag is horrible and can make a ten second walk turn into a minute which can be pretty annoying. However, if it's on extreme performance it'll cut that down a good amount, I usually switch from balanced to extreme performance when zoning into cities. In big zones my computer runs the game almost perfectly on a high graphic setting.
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