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My Journey To Wonderking

UndeadToadUndeadToad Member Posts: 1

My Journey To Wonderking

Written by: ToadOfTheFlame

My story begain when my parental units denied me the right to play wow.=( I begain a search, to fill the void in my heart where an mmo should lay.

I tried many games. anything and everything from dofus to ruinscape to fantasystaruniverse. I ended up playing simple rpgs (Kotor star ocean fire emblam oblivian ect). But they simlpy lacked the the game commuinaty that i so desired.

Then my friend decided he needed a break from wow and found a game called maplestory. he said i should play it with him and i did. I liked it alot. It was so simple yet had a complex system that required thought and planing. it was so simple to make or break your charector. i relished this challenge of making a perfect charector. Somthing to be proud of.

I played maplestory for two years then stopped. I got tired of the people and it simply became teadeas and un enjoyable to level. so i went back to playing my xbox.

Then just a month or two ago, that same friend told me to check out wonderking. I went to their website and was like "wtf maplestory changed their name?" But i downloaded it anyway. Hey its free.

It was awesome! it felt like they took maple and gave it a face lift. a breath of fresh air if you will. i was literally doing flips *wink*. As i played on, it felt familiar, yet it was different. Leveling is smooth, it felt natural the way it should. The skills simply look amazing and they flow smoothly. Your able to swich up your skills and make somthing unique like a warrior that uses luck instead of strangth. i was, and still am in aw of what these small difference make when playing wonderking.

I also noticed the the economy was'nt broken. I could actually aford things again and make money! I can go down to the mines as a level 5 and get a wonderstone thats worth 250k!?! I dont need to spend real money to simply sell my items. I can grind mobs and boss, and have more than two moves to use.

I have found the mmo that ive been searching for!

This is the game for any one who likes fun and strategy. Wonderking is the true king of side scroll mmorpgs i urge anyone reading this to give it a try exspiecaly if you have played or are playing maplestory. What do you have to lose? its a thirty minute download and it doesnt cost a dime.

I am proud to say i am a wonderking fan boy. It far surpasses maplestory and many other mmo's.



  • Greymantle4Greymantle4 Member UncommonPosts: 809

    I have been surprised on how fun and addicting this game is. I have been playing for four days now and would give this game a big thumbs up. My daughter and my brother both play now and they are having fun too.

  • gorillaz951gorillaz951 Member Posts: 160

    I agree as well. I played this game for a good solid week and really enjoyed it! The fast-paced combat is very refreshing from the tedious "click-and-wait" MMOs out there. The class system is reminiscent of other certain side-scroller MMOs *cough cough Dragonica* but is still a blast to mess around with and find your style of play.

    I've been playing other games such as Global Agenda and Heroes of Newerth for the past few weeks, but Wonderking is something I am certain to come back to. It's rare saying that when I am talking about a F2P asian MMO. Most games of that style I just try and toss them in less than a day. 

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