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Any guilds recruiting on AB?

Angier2758Angier2758 Member UncommonPosts: 1,026

Just asking because all I've seen are ones on servers that are on the low end of the population list.


  • QuantumQrackQuantumQrack Member UncommonPosts: 81



    Vitality is a Content and Raid Progression Guild. What does this mean? It means we will be doing all the Epic Questline Content throughout the different expansions that have been released in the last six years. Have you missed a lot of the content and would like to experience it? Here's your chance!

    We are currently working on Desert of Flames content. A list of the content we will be working on is listed below.

    After all the Desert of Flames epic content is complete we will move to the Kingdom of Sky and Echoes of Faydwer epic content.

    To find out more information about Vitality you can visit our website.



    Currently the requirements for joining Vitality are simple. You must be lower than level 60 (although exceptions can be made) and in order to raid with us, you must be willing to disable your experience at level 60 and continue to earn Achievement Abilities.

    Our current guild level is 58 (2.28.2010)

    Current Classes Needed in Vitality:


    Fighter: Open to ALL fighters.

    Priest: Open to ALL healers but especially shamans and druids.

    Scout: Open to ALL scouts.

    Mage: Open to ALL mages.





    Peacock Timeline Progression: (90% Complete)

    The Courts of Maj`Dul: Of Fate and Destiny: (50% Complete)

    Shimmering Citadel / Poets Palace / Poets Palace: Return / Pedestal of Sky (90% Complete)



    Raid Achievement List:


    The Crocodile Hunter

    All Dragon Slaying, All the Time

    Djinn Master Demolisher

    Godking Aggressor

    Lathena Lacerator

    Queen Crusher

    Rhoen Rampager

    Silent City Silencer


    Contested Epic Mobs:

    Terrorantula (Sinking Sands)

    Barakah (Pillars of Flame / Maj`Dul)

    Siyamak (Pillars of Flame / Maj`Dul)

    Urzyd the Undying (The Living Tombs)

    Gargilliviontumon the Rock Pile (Pillars of Flame)

    Scarei the Scornfeather (Pillars of Flame)


    If you are interested in joining Vitality or have further questions please send a mail to Valareon on our website, or contact me in game as Valareon. You can also email me at Alternate in-game contacts: Bilibob, Astacia, Nagel, Anestasia, and Kerfuffle.


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