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MMOs are dead. New hobbies?



  • animaltouchanimaltouch Member Posts: 14

    Now I just want to play some browser games, which won‘t cost me too much,


  • emileeemilee Member Posts: 7

    Eventhough I don't play MMO's anymore I still visit the forums just to see if there are any news or improvements about the game.

  • buriebalveburiebalve Member Posts: 5

    I will try photography and beatboxing as weil ^^

  • ramyvlakramyvlak Member Posts: 6

    You guys should try playing Dante's Inferno on psp /ps3... Trust me, you will forget your characters in mmo's

  • sarehsuaesarehsuae Member Posts: 5

    Dante's inferno would also be on my list and Kenka Banchou 4.... ^^

  • evenxieuevenxieu Member Posts: 5

    I've already played that game and so far I'm really enjoying it... Also you might wanna try playing poker ^^

  • animaltouchanimaltouch Member Posts: 14

    Hobby died before MMOS

  • CelebiCelebi Member Posts: 53

    How about psp games..ahahaha

  • vonwovonwo Member Posts: 7

    I try playing a new sport every month so my body won't lose it's condition. I also try different kinds of foods.

  • eddyfloueddyflou Member Posts: 5

    I will rather Brew Beers! Cheers!

  • manongjanymanongjany Member Posts: 5

    going around the world would be nice.... Go to italy!

  • mikemikkumikemikku Member Posts: 5

    Host a party.. basically that's it! And don't forget to invite

  • AladyleynaAladyleyna Member Posts: 269

    I've been to Italy before, and it's beautiful. I especially loved the architecture and the food. Unfortunately though, Italy, like much of Europe, is extremely espensive. We spent more than $100 (when converted from Euros to my local currency) on each meal, which really set us back considerably. Now I highly doubt we'll be able to go on any holidays for a while. But, it was worth it though.

    I guess I'm lucky that I started gaming much later than my peers, because I have yet to be burned out on MMOs. Besides MMOs though, I read, surf the internet, and post on forums, similar to what I'm doing right now. Plus, youtube does have quite a lot of nice videos. I especially love the Korean reality shows segments.

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    Jinn Gone Quiet (Guild Wars)
    Princess Pudding (Guild Wars)

  • imp0imp0 Member Posts: 54

    play rts and fps games?

  • DraenorDraenor Member UncommonPosts: 7,918

    SWTOR...and hoping that the 40k MMO goes with the one server take on things...I think that they really need to include every race, and the only way to do that and keep populations high is to make everyone play on one server...It's a pipe dream, I know...but i can hope =P

    Your argument is like a two legged dog with an eating disorder...weak and unbalanced.

  • VypreVypre Member Posts: 180
    Originally posted by Draenor


  gosh, the hope for greater than the mediocre that we've trudged through.

    Striving for Silver Stars since Gold is so effeminate.

  • corwindearcorwindear Member Posts: 5

    It would be better tryin photography... however photography would be much expensive...

  • drewhawzdrewhawz Member Posts: 5

    I had this friend who quitted playing mmo for the reason that he was hacked and he was told that the company could not do anymore about it.... At first, he deprived himself by just taking care of plants... I just can't imagine that and for me it's really boring... I just feel so very disappointed for my friend.

  • paulcrouxpaulcroux Member Posts: 4

    Better try air guitar... Join the other guitar heroes here..

  • TheExplorerTheExplorer Member Posts: 43

    I just started up LOTRO and its fun.


    I also went back to playing Oblivion (plus a bunch of player made mods installed. One mod even adds a whole desert to the game :D)...PC games rock compared to consoles, cause you can get awesome mods and what not.

    I have tons of games. So if I start getting bored of Lord of the Rings Online, I can play something else and come back to LOTRO when I feel like playing itI also bought Anno 1404 Dawn of Discovery, for when I'm in a city builder mood

    Arcanum I got (I had to download it though, because none of the stores around here have a single one in stock. Dont think its sold anymore)


    Dwarf Fortress is fun occasionally, dont play it too much

    Mount and Blade (this is awesome, but until Hegemony comes out, I haven't played too much. Hegomony is like Rome Total War...but Mount and Blade style. Gonna be AWESOME)

    Rome Total War (this is fun too, I play pretty often)

    Sins of a Solar Empire (a lot of fun as well)

    Warcraft 3 (I never finished the expansion campaign, so one of these days I'll go through the original again, and then play the expansion)

    Crysis (this is fun when in a shooter mood)



    Row, row, row your mouse, gently across the screen. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.

  • NamicoNamico Member Posts: 40

    Traveling & Storytelling is my favorite hobbies

  • evilash80evilash80 Member Posts: 17

    I agree, i've gone from playing games like evony, to simple cheesy browser ones like this

    I find MMO has become stale, stagnant and overly commercial. Back to action and puzzle for me

  • micedelomicedelo Member Posts: 1

    I will just try to enroll to culinary school and will try food photography as well ^^

  • SoulSurferSoulSurfer Member UncommonPosts: 1,024

     Exercising, staying active, snowboarding, surfing, cooking healthy foods.  I even visited my hobby shop in my area and was surprised to see magic the gathering card game still having sealed pack booster tournaments, and their was also a lot of tables to play table-top warhammer.  

    I was thinking about this because it would be a nice change from mmo's - you could actually get the human aspect of face to face interaction and socilization that mmo's kinda took away from these previous hobbies. =)

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