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Possibly returning : one quick question

SubLimenSubLimen Member Posts: 4

Are there any promotional gimmicks for this game that resemble the "scroll of resurrection" from WoW ?


My account has been inactive for well over 90 days, about 2 years now. And I would prefer to be able to hop on it and play around for a few days to make sure I want to come back before dropping any rl currency on it :)


  • ariestearieste Member UncommonPosts: 3,309

    it would help if you explained what that scroll does, then i can tell you if there is something like it in eq2.

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  • SubLimenSubLimen Member Posts: 4

    Good point, lol.


    Basically , it is a promotion where an individual with an active subscription can send out a sort of "recruit a friend invite" to another individual whos account has been inactive for 90 or more days and it gives them a few days of free play time.


    If the person who receives the "resurrection" on their account ends up reactivating the individual who sent the invite gets some perks like a free month or whatever.


    I've googled around and the only thing that seems to have been done by SOE that was similar to this was the thing where they gave every one a free month or something about a year ago. I just figured I would make certain since I am in no rush to spend $15 to be able to spend 12 hours redownloading everything and then realize it was a waste of time/money/bandwidth.

  • StrumikerStrumiker Member UncommonPosts: 31

    Unless you wait till they do a weekend where they reactivate old accounts, there are no ways to temporarily activate an old account. They do have a recruit-a-friend program but would only work for an account created using the instructions sent from this program. Of course they always have the free 14-day trial.

  • SubLimenSubLimen Member Posts: 4

    That's what I figured :( Thanks for the answer


    Do they conduct free weekends on a predictable basis ? I just recently opted in for EQ2 emails on my station account so hopefully I'll get notified through that when they do one again.

  • Daffid011Daffid011 Member UncommonPosts: 7,945

    There is often free time just waiting on your account for reasons I cannot explain.


    Check your subscription status and look for 'Pending', which should mean you have free game time waiting. 



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