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The Newbies Unread Guide

leggel619leggel619 Member Posts: 63

Alrighty my jublets, listen unto the words of the Pineapple King. This will be a small, small (for i am lazy), yet unread intro to the game. The game that this forum is dedicated to no less nyo.

First, i shall give you a few links nyo.

To know about monsters, where they spawn, what they drop and their level, go HERE

To know about NPC locations, you should read THIS

For other questions go HERE to choose from several options, or go SEARCH for a more exact piece of information.

Now, as we all know, you are lazy. So chances are, the above links shall go un-clicked, and you shall still whine about fruit, glass and the silver mine.

ELVEN FRUITS: These fruits are dropped by any mystic shrubs, be they snowy, dry or flowery. It's not a 100% thing, if you don't get one first try, instead of complaining and seeking help from a wandering cleric, keep killing those flowers! As an aside, the forest spirits just outside of Argent city also seem to drop a fair amount of fruits.

GLASS: Kill the forest spirits outside argent, they're easy, they're plentiful, and let's be honest, you cannot be bothered fighting anything stronger right?

SASHIMI: For this you need a boat. A boat is an object that floats on the water nyo, unless it sinks. You also need the fishing skill. Follow the storyline quest, and you shall receive life-skill points. These can be used for mining, repairs, fishing and other various things. For Sashimi, you want fishing. Then you need a boat. To get a boat, you need to be lvl 15, and then talk to any builder, near any port nyo. A Guppy (which tends to be the starter boat for about 90% of people) will cost you around 10k. It's worth it. To fish, make sure you choose the net attachment nyo. Sail around until you see an orange dot, go towards said dot. If it's a fishing pool, there will be fish around it. Click your fishing icon under the skill tree, click the hole, and eureka! U R TEH GUD FISHMAN. Sashimi shall soon be yours.

CLASS CHANGE: You can change class to your basic 4 at lvl 10, talk to a newbie guide to start this change. It's simple, straight forward and requires no real help nyo. At lvl 40, you can change to your advanced class, be it Voyager, Crusader or Muppet/Cleric. This requires a longer quest, with more gathering, Really, it's just a glorified lvl 10 quest nyo. Since you're lvl 40, we assume you know how to play, so you don't really need the help on this nyo.

QUEST ITEMS: Be it the GREAT KING CLAM PEARL OF IRRITATION or the stolen tools, keep one thing in mind. YOU CANNOT TRADE THESE ITEMS. Do not ask to buy them, you cannot. Do not try to sell them, you cannot. Do not try to eat them, you will die.

HATS: As of the time of writing, only Ami gets hats, in the future you may get hats as well. If you want a hat now, play as the irritating goblin.

HOW I MINE FOR FISH: You mine for fish by reading THIS nyo.

Other posters should feel free to add something constructive, useful and the polar opposite of this post nyo. I'd write more, but my laziness has returned, and i must seek my coffee. Fare thee well jublets.

P.S - The silver mine is dead west of argent city, you can't miss it.*

*By can't miss, we mean really, really, really hard to miss.

[Part Two]

IMPORTANT NPC PERSONS: You got a quest to find little mo, any idea who he is? Bet you don't know right? I'm going to assume you still don't want to click on links, so i shall tell you where to go (for a select few people i recall being asked about much on World chat).

Little Daniel: 2193, 2730 - In Ascaron

Little Mo: 1237,611 - In Icicle castle (lower nyo)

Castle Guard- Peter: 2192, 2767 - In Ascaron again nyo

Icicle Swordsman - Ray: 1365, 570 - Oddly enough, also in Icicle castle.

High Priest - Gannon: 862, 3500 - Gasp! In Shaitan!

BANKERS AND BUILDERS: Bankers hold your items for you (because you are too lazy to carry them yourself), and builders build thing. Like boats. Boats that sail.

Ascaron Builder:2255, 2801

Ascaron Banker:  2220, 2704

Icicle Builder: 1221, 628

Icicle Banker: 1360, 519

Shaitan Builder: 901, 3668

Shaitan Banker: 906, 3539

MONSTER THAT DROP ANNOYING THINGS (and some that don't) Annoying things like cashmere, glass, elven fruits and "Where piglets plz? Where piglets plz? Where piglets plz?".

Mystic Shrubs - These can be found in all the regions, usually near the city. They all drop elven fruits, they don't drop them all the time, don't expect them to. If you can't get the fruit after three kills, keep trying, they really will drop eventually. Note however, that if you seek medicated grass from these, only the shrubs in ascaron drops said grass.

Forest Spirits - Just outside the west gate of Argent City (in Ascaron), you will find many of these happy, cheerful and loving monsters. You should kill them all. Kill them all now. They also drop elven fruits, however, they also drop glass. They drop lots more glass than fruit however. In short, if you need glass, kill these easily nyo.

Baby Scorpions - These are just east a little of Shaitain City nyo. They also drop glass! Suprised that more than one monster can? I bet you am! These however, do not drop elven fruit, just glass, and an assortment of insect parts (and a newbie knife, and murky water).

Snow Squiddy - 1179, 475 in Icicle (Deep Blue) - These are the monsters that drop glass easily for the Deep blue region nyo. It really is that simple. Go there, kill some, kill many, get glass.

Cuddly Lamb - 2057, 2638 Ascaron - These drop the ever-popular cashmere. It drops around 20% of the time, so kill many of these to get many cashmere, it's easy math. Also, for all you muppet/Ami herbalists out there, these cuddly fellows will drop your happy goaty cap, adorable ain't it?

Sea Snails - 1989, 2838 Ascaron - This is a quest monster, sort of. It drops sea snail meat and... HARD SHELL, that's right, hard shell. Fetch boy! Fetch! They'll also drop husk boots and gloves some of the time, for all your happy young swordsman.

Little White Deer - 1325, 305 Icicle (Deep Blue) - These can be tricky to find, as they are directly north of the starting point, just head out the west gate, and go north, follow the wall, then you shall find many a deer to slaughter nyo.

Piglet - 1950, 2563 Ascaron - These drop piglet tails, no really, they do. A pig tail is not a piglet tail, you want a piglet tail to be a piglet tail's tail nyo. Say that five times fast, then i'll give you a cookie! *

YOU AND YOUR DO! (A Guide to Hairstylin'): First, to get a basic cut, i say you should read THIS . Alternativlely, you can read HERE NYO  and read a slightly more useful guide, as written by dwolfy, one of your lovable mods.

However! Once again, i assume you do not wish to click a link, so i shall summerize (and stress you reading dwolfys' guide nyo):

1: You need 5 of a given colorant - A Colorant is made by combining 5 dye (of the same color), with a rainbow glass, and a special gas. Combine at an innkeeper to get 1 colorant. As said above, you need 5, that's FIVE.

2: You will need a hairstyling book. These tend to vary from 10 - 45k per book (as of the time of writing nyo), so shop around, see what deal you can get.

3: Comb/Scissors/Hairgel - You will need one of these as well, depending on what style you want exactly, hairgel is easy to get, dropped by Rookie Boxeroos at 1117, 2923 in Ascaron. For the other two, you need to have a boat, a good one, and then to ready dwolfys' guide for exact locations of monsters

4: Hairstyling Voucher - You get this from either Item Chest or a Beautiful Chest. You can (so i've been told), get one from the Caribbian Treasure Maps, but don't quote me on that nyo.

5: You will, after having all the above, also need 100k, that's 100'000.00 in shiny monies.

Then you will need to talk to one of ze following people:

Hairstylist - Cartel: 2215, 2813 in Ascaron

Merchant - 847, 3606 in Shaitain

Merchant - 1326, 531 in Icicle (Deep Blue)

Do all the above, and you too can have a new 'do!

And so, once again, the random ranting of the Pineapple King has come to a close. For he is cold, and must blow his nose (not really, but it does rhyme (the real reason is laziness)). I'm sure i can add more later, or somthing, when more people ask for more information and so forth.

* By cookie, i mean nothing at all.

[Part Three]

I have had no coffee, so bear with me on legibility and overall use of the correct words nyo. I'm not even sure spelling is gonna be up to par right now, so expect typos!

BLACK WINGS: Dropped by marsh spirits at 1973, 2697 in Ascaron. Now, there's not many of these things, but that's ok, i've yet to see more than 2 people max farming them ^_^

POISON FRUITS: See the above entry, they're the exact same monster nyo. Just keep killing then until something tasty drops aight.

BLACK WINGS: The owlies (yay! owlies!) at 1384, 3065 in Ascaron drop said wings. They also drop the adorable kitty cap for the muppet healy-mages ^_^ Because they lack any real form of armor, they're also a little nice to level on, if you're lazy like me anyway.

DUEL WEILDING: To do this, be a swordsman of level 10 or higher. The drag a lvl 10 or higher sword (that you can use peoples) into your shield slot. No really, it actually is that simple. Bet you feel a little silly for asking nyo?

SHEEPSKIN SCROLLS/TREASURE MAPS: You got one of either and have no idea what they do? Look no further, you filthy, treasure stealing thief!  The sheepskin scroll is easy to explain, just double click it, and behold! It has turned into a treasure map, be amazed at the magic of the sheeps. The map is a little different, to use it, you must be in treasure gulf. There's several ways to get there, but the quickest is the best (for lazy people like me), first go to Shaitan, and make sure you have a boat (a boat in shaitan).

From her you set sail. Sail south to the small, badly drawn circle of an island. On the east side (or maybe the west si-eed) there is a whirlpool. You should enter it, enter it and DIE!. Well, not die, just get transported to treasure gulf. Careful of the high lvl ships here, chances are, if you're reading this, they can kill you fast.. Anyway, follow the shoreline of the closest island north and west, you will arrive at a dock, so dock here ducky ^^

Now, move the map to a hot-key slot, just to save time. Use said hotkey, see how it gives you directions? Something like 958, 1044 and so on? Walk to that place, yes, walk there, it's on land. When you get there, use the hotkey again, you'll probably be told theirs nothing there, and to look again. What this means, is move a step in some direction and dig once more. Keep doing so, and eventually you find a tasty, tasty treasure. Or a big mean dog, or lots of monies, or a trap, or get teleported to some random place. But it's all good fun ^_^

YE OLDE LOST TOOLS: We all hated this quest, i know i did, i know you do, which is why you are reading this i guess, so, i shall save you time, and a lot of mental stress, BEHOLD THE MIGHTY CO-ORDS!

Stolen Shovel: 1633,2650 - 1612,2717 - 1593,2753

Stole Safety: 1532,2740 - 1544,2708

Stolen Safety Lamp: 1636,2774 - 1546,2647 - 1570,2680 - 1637.2778

All in ascaron nyo.

So, i'm lazy and want to take a nap, hence the really, really short entry this time, just like, post questions here or something, and i'll answer them at some point.


  • leggel619leggel619 Member Posts: 63

    You are just cpoying mine man!!!!!!!!!

  • gavinxxxgavinxxx Member Posts: 44

    im not... just look first before you argue,, im just quoted you post not copied!!!


  • leggel619leggel619 Member Posts: 63

    I just quoted it because I have no fun and I'm bored!

  • gavinxxxgavinxxx Member Posts: 44

    yah, you are posting thread which is already exist in our forum


  • leggel619leggel619 Member Posts: 63

    hey gavinxx I heard that the second group of the player Gm's is coming and one of it has the same name as yours "gavinxx". I saw it in the website, is it you and it is in the midnight sea server where I am playing. My character name there are Ken619, Brawler619, and Assassin619. As you see all names have a number 619. Its my favorite number.

  • leggel619leggel619 Member Posts: 63

    Oh Ithought tha tit is in Midnight sea but it is in Midnight Isle and you are in Penguin Isle. But is it true that you are one of the  player GM's. that i posted from the TOP website.

  • gavinxxxgavinxxx Member Posts: 44

    yeah, im in penguin.. because that is Moderator-GM for the week.. you can see me in the forum...


  • leggel619leggel619 Member Posts: 63

    Woooooooooooooooowwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats ccooooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!SO you are a moderator. Oh yeah man!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gavinxxxgavinxxx Member Posts: 44

    legged. being a good??? moderator is quite hard...



    not so coolllll


  • XJackieXXJackieX Member Posts: 1

    R u sure we get hair gel from Rookie boxeroo ? i went there and i found none

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