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Win or not I still might try it

Exnor009Exnor009 Member Posts: 154
I dont care if I win I might just still buy it and try it out for me it might be a waste of money or worth to do anything for im not taking anyones oponin about this mmorpg I will think what I think about it.


  • jayheld90jayheld90 Member UncommonPosts: 1,718

    i bought my two copies yesterday, now im just waiting for my two computers to ship to me!! i should be playing in no time, yay! im not going to try and tell you its the best or whatever, but i loved the first one and cant wait to do some crafting in EQ2. im going to be on befallen (with the rest of my guild) maybe ill see you in game sometime.

  • AldrethAldreth Member UncommonPosts: 79

    I duo box on my laptop, and on my 2 home pc's - laptop while at work :P
    EQ2 has a great upside- in future years most will be able to run EQ2 at max settings, and with the amount of content patches eq puts out, this game has a tremendous upside. I can see myself playing EQ2, not WOW, or Guild Wars, or any others for that matter. Ive seen nothing on the horizon that looks any better, so I am just going to play EQ2.

    I played EQ2 beta and WOW beta, have 2 accounts for both since release, and I have to say that EQ2 has kept me alot more interested than WOW. By a long ways. That doesn't mean, however, that EQ2 is a "Great" game. But IMO its the best there is and will be for years to come.

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