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My Thoughts On WonderKing.

 Well Hullo To whomever clicked this thread! :D This is going to be my three cents about Wonderking!

By Kelp: A 51 Ninja!

First, I would like to say. When I Saw this game, like most other Mapler's I thought " Oh look a maple rip-off!". 

I was wrong. I Somehow convinced myself to give this game a chance before I wrote it off. What a good decision that was!

I downloaded it ( Very speedily I might add, under 30m so that was nice). Installed. And Created my first character! At the time my first character Was a swordsman! I had looked up some videos on youtube and thought that a Beserker would be just plain cool to play! So after getting to  around level 14 I think, I looked up some guides and realized I had probably done wrong stat/skill points etc. So I restarted! 

I made A new swordsman, and gave him correct stats and such. I got him to about level 23 or so and like I do with every MMoRPG, I made another class character! Well, sort of. I made ANOTHER Swordsman, but I decided to become a Knight. I got him to level 30! I had lots of fun with A Knight style, because I barely got hit! But of course it did take ages to kill things ;P

Then, it happened. I Created A theif, whom I was going to make into a ninja. BEST THING EVAR! I got him to 20, and used A claw after that, it was so fun! Because of the combo-ing ability of the ninja, mobbing and leveling was so much fun! Not just a grind, but more of an adventure! Finding new ways to combo kill mobs was really fun! I got to 30, and unlocked a vast new set of skills! It's been exciting ever since. I'm currently level 51 on my Ninja ( My IGN is   Kelp   Server is Kadopan! Hit me up!), and still rising! :) I am very glad i picked up this game. It's so much fun!

There are only a few cons to this game. Such as the number of players. There's hardly anyone playing this awesome game! Also it has a few minor glitches/ bugs. But i'm sure those will be fixed. 

One thing I really LOVE about wonderking is the community! For it being so small, it's such an active place! Even the Game creators participate! Contest, so many contests! It's so cool! And not just in-game contest. Like Creative contests for real prizes and such! It's one of the best community's I have ever been a part of! 

So thanks for making a great game NDoors! :D

An Hero


  • GravargGravarg Member UncommonPosts: 3,424

    I totally agree with you.  I'm an old Mapler (got 3 200s hehe), and at first I was the same way.  I didn't think this game would be much of anything, but I was wrong.  It takes everything that I didn't like about MapleStory and fixes it.  The only thing I can knock it on is the difficulty on high level bosses.  I'm currently in the 130s and can't seem to finish off this one boss for a quest, but other than that it's fun!


    P.S. Knight rules! Then maybe priest (Saint buffs are insane)

  • ParkourdemonParkourdemon Member Posts: 2

     Hmm, well I haven't gotten too high yet :P But I'm playing up a new Knight with my friend! :D Won't mess up my points this time though haha. They are a fun class. But, Queshtin!!!! You might know this. What are the prereq Knight  skills for Pally skills? All the guides are inconsistent in saying what the prereqs are!

    An Hero

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