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A signature question...

nubadaknubadak Member Posts: 150

So I am trying to make a sig for this forum (bottom banner thingy) I used photoshop to get an image ready, flattened it saved as JGEG.........now how do I  get it to upload to mmorpg?





  • Goatgod76Goatgod76 Member Posts: 1,214

    Messing with mine, so if I get it I'll let ya know.

  • animaltouchanimaltouch Member Posts: 14

    I look forward to rthe answer ,too.

  • DracheSCDracheSC Member Posts: 83

    Go to Your Profile, and scroll down to the Signature field. Take note of the text below it:

    Custom signature - BBML Allowed, 500 characters max.

    Just host the image somewhere like photobucket.com and use BBML to link to the image, and it should work.

    And just a quick FYI, we're supposed to stay On-Topic about MMORPGs in this forum. :p


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  • Goatgod76Goatgod76 Member Posts: 1,214

    Yep, just as DarcheSC says. Figured as much...just wasn't sure if the whole thing would fit or not.

  • nubadaknubadak Member Posts: 150

    So I hosted on photo bucket but I having trouble with this BBML.

    Thanks for the hand holding ^^


  • Toquio3Toquio3 Member Posts: 1,074

    On the signature field, instead of just pasting the url of the image, paste the url between [img]***[/img]. Thats what I did and it works fine.

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  • nubadaknubadak Member Posts: 150

    YAY! thanks all ^^

    This is the best forum ever!





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