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Man do I miss my EQ2...

PyyrhusPyyrhus Member Posts: 6

Okay well first off I'm a lvl 27 Paladin...

My account has been turned off on account of me leaving for boot camp in 5 days and since I'm not going to be able to play the whole month I didn't want to waste the money, although it'd be well worth it.


Well, my bro also plays games, unfortunately he's into WoW, not EQ2. So since my account was turned off atm, I decided hey why not give WoW a go, if I like, I can start playing that, if I don't tough. Well I started a file roughly 3 days ago and have played about 15 hours total, now the first thing that bugs me about that is I'm already a lvl 17. Which is really quite ridiculous considering the max lvl is 60. Second thing, most of you know you always have more spells combat or not that you will need to use and in EQ2 you can open up new hotbar's, well in WoW you cannot, if you need to use a spell and it isn't on the bar you're looking at you have to go out of your way to press the arrow next to the bar to goto the next 10. Now that may not sound much but it can make all the differance.


Next huge problem is smaller window, which cuts out pop-up effect in EQ2, unfortunately in WoW there is no such thing and every pop-up you get minimizes window. Which also can make all the differance in a fight.


Another, is accesibility, this may not be an issue for some, but it affects my opinion largely. what I mean by accesibility is being able to jump on a stump holding a dock up, or being able to walk over a hill, or being able to jump/walk over a large root. In between quests or waiting around for a member of group it can entertain me a bit trying to see where I can go, but as I said, it may not be a big deal for everyone else.


Another, is the map. The map is quite frankly a complete joke in WoW, not only does it take up the whole screen while you look at it but it doesnt even show the direction your walking/facing. Which can cost you time which will add up. Plus, nothing (building wise) are named on the map, absolute no buildings. Many times I find myself walking minutes out of my way looking for a Sentinel to guide me in the right direction.


Another is enjoying of the scenario, there really is nothing to enjoy, you see something you kill it. I remember fighting in The Thundering Steppes kind of amazed I was fighting a 5 story giant, or a huge griffon. However, in this game everything is woods, nothing is really spread out like Antonica, you can't enjoy mountains, cliffs, rivers, or creatures.


The combat is quite laughable, as goes for the AI. I'm a hunter, which means I can have a pet. I just have the pet attack a creature while I sit back and bomb him with arrows. He doesn't run to attack me, instead he takes the damage and eventually dies. Quite the opposite in in EQ2.


Grouping...which I really shouldnt even talk about is mediocre. There's no creature within 2 lvl's above me I can't beat solo, which really kills the whole team aspect of the game.


XP, is the same as the name of the game WoW, when I see how the put it together I wonder how someone could be so incompetent.


Lvling, truthfully, there's really no point. In EQ2 everyone knows lvling means a new spell, alot more Health and much more Power, in this not no but hell no. You have to buy new skills. Come on now I earned it give the shit to me, don't make me buy it. Damn...


Quest/Adventure xp, for some odd reason quests give you more xp then killing. Not sure how they thought this up but I'll get a quest to kill 10 bears (while I'm at 0% xp) I'll start the quest go kill the bears, come back turn in quest and when all is said and done, I'm 50 percent lvled, how ridiculous is that?


Now in EQ2, being mid 20's is quite a good place to be. Should be the same in WoW correct? Wrong! In Wow being mid 20's is similiar to being lvl 11 in EQ2, which is considered a very low-lvl.


Sub-classes in WoW...None! You pick one thing when you start and you stay with the same title, which is really quite lame. Personally If I've played 400 hours I don't want to have the same title as a lvl 2.


Well, fellas I've got more to write and I'll definately update this. But to be fair lemme right some things positive about WoW, that EQ2 could incorporate which would make the game slightly better.


1. PvP, pretty simple there should need no explaining.


2. Lag/Zoning, as most of you know EQ2 is quite notorious for lag and zoning, but in WoW each is virtually lagless and seamless, which increases the games playability.


3. Looting, to me one big problem in EQ2 is looting, I hate seeing someone get lucky and winning very good lottos 9 times out of ten, in WoW they have Round-The-Robin or something like that, then they also have Rolling in which the highest roller wins the loot, which you can change the specifics of. The specifics which I also think is pretty awesome. They have it so there is Uncommon loots, Rare loots, and Epic loots, I usually come across an Uncommon every 50-100 loots, never came across rare or epic however.




I'm sure many will disagree but for whoever is considering playing a MMORPG, I'd go with EQ2 over WoW for those reasons. As I said I'll post the positive/negatives of WoW as I come across them, either way if you're enjoying either one continue but for new people considering the two, take this into account.



  • PyyrhusPyyrhus Member Posts: 6

    Just because I prefer certain things to others doesn't mean I'm narrow minded. Im also not hesistant to talk badly of EQ2, but truthfully there is more things badly to talk about WoW. Also if I was so narrow minded I wouldn't be playing WoW, but some many WoW fanboys talk about how great the game is when it really isn't that spectacular, you're prolly one of them but that's besides the point. You didn't actually read the post and look beyond the negative points of WoW, like I said it's my opinion and if you don't like it truthfully I could give a shit either way.

  • WarcriminalWarcriminal Member Posts: 244

    for all of your GUI woes you really should try installing a costum GUI for more Hotbars etc.

    The game really does not come with the full GUI for some reason :D

  • zethcarnzethcarn Member UncommonPosts: 1,558

    enjoy your stay in boot camp Pyyrhus.

    Now drop and give me 20, recruit!!! image

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