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Entropia - Any good?



  • NddeshNddesh Member Posts: 65

    Wow loll hate much? Seems like you had more passion writting this than you were trying to resist the temptation to deposit 1000$ each months.


    Originally posted by scamtropia

    THIS GUY ABOVE ME - WHEN HE SAYS "Don't play above your level" "don't play with armor and plates" ... what he's really saying is don't have fun.

    If you don't need armor to hunt a mob, you're going to be bored out of your mind! It's worse grind than any other game EVER!

    Some people have lot of fun playing Cross words.. why not this?

    And young nublet, I never play above my level. I _could_ solo Longtooth, Eomon, Falx etc etc and THAT would be above my level, but I don't. I play on easy mobs (Fresco, Trox, Letomie, Cersumon, Scips)... these mobs are PISS easy to me. Still mass loss (even with the markup on the items they drop) which is why I had to downgrade to naked hunting noob mobs like bots and molisk, to TRY and counter with nearly no decay and low markup (circa 108%) going in and higher MU (circa 120% on drones 550% on molisk) coming out. Guess what? LOSS!


    The way he talks shows me he knows nothing about EU anyway! HL14 overpriced?! I LOOT MY OWN YOU FUCKEN NOOB! Hahahhaha

    Then why not sell the HL14 you looted? Looted or not markup still apply

    I had nearly 300k skill this guy knows NOTHING about EU other than the catch phrases like "eco". All eco is is basic math and there are webpages with stats to help you figure it out. EVEN RUNNING AROUND WITH P4+a103 and no armor on small bots WITH NO ARMOR OR PLATES AND NO FAP is still a loss EVEN WITH THE MARKUP OF GAZZURDITE

    No way! you still hunted them even when the loots were crap. Learn your limit when loot are crap they are crap

    DONT listen to this guy, he's a complete noob, he contradicts himself ("the game doesn't cost heaps!" then next post "$30 lasted me 2 weeks!") rofl 2 weeks of click click click click (there's no skill in EU).... he's probably just another fanboy with 20 aliases (or mercury).



    Just to show how noob he is, I checked his tracker (a website that captures hwo many "jackpots" you hit in the casino).... HE DOESNT HAVE ANY STATS! hahahah complete noob... COMPLETE noob. Nddesh has no tracker stats and the only "Filth" there has a total of 500ped globals BAHAHAHAAH.

    I don't use Nddesh as my nickname in EU, i use Filth instead and i have a total loot of 1500, 3800 if i count Hunt, Mining and crafting but ofcourse Team hunts aren't counted. And these 2 weeks i was hunting argo's they rarely globals but good 20-40 pedder tho and when i don't hunt them i'm hunting in team. You should try that, playing with ''friends''

    Unless he's filthy Mcnasty - in which case he's lying through his teeth to you, because Filthy depo's HEAPS.


    Now just wait for his "globals aren't everything" comment - that's what noobs say... if you don't have globals, you're either a noob or a hairdresser.



    What he's saying is - play in an incredibly boring manner and you won't lose more than $30 a fortnight.... ARENT GAMES MEANT TO BE FUN!? Fucken moron.

    Fucken moron?.. hey i'm not the one who deposited 9000$ and lost all of it. And yeh games are meant to be fun but not everyone have the same definition of ''Fun''.

    I still don't understand about your Anti-EU crusade tho. You blame your failure on someone else but you're the one that made it an obsession and lost everything.


  • ruskearuskea Member Posts: 12

    play smart and eco.. god ive heard this multible times.. i had around 170k total skills... i never had any good or even uber gear coz of the shitty loot i gained.. (and didnt wanna depo to buy coz i would be forced to sell em soon anyway) i used to hunt ALOT of small allos naked and with very little fap use.. i used a gun that had been ranked "one of the decent eco guns" korss h400 that was.. (usually looted by myself when needed) and in about 7/10 of the runs gained about 50% of the wasted AMMO back.. and that was GOOD for me.. thats why i hunted allos.. coz THAT was CHEAP for me... so how u play eco and smart.. and make even.. just tell me... and what about mining.. thats profession u need no skills or knowledge in (only helps u know the places for better ores and ability to gain em... if u just can find something!!)... within these 3+ years i played i mainly mined.. had a few lvls of prosp.. and alot of bombs dropped.. after every VU it just went worse for me.. all tho skills went up.. 100 NRF in row in earth... hows that possible...

  • Nytewolf2k7Nytewolf2k7 Member Posts: 181

    There's not much I can add to this thread, other than what I've posted in others in a similar vein...

    But all I will say at this point is, give it a shot. Don't go in with unrealistic expectations, don't expect much at all. Don't feel pressured into depositing, and don't let the scrolling ja... (err, globals) put you off.

    Look for the guides ingame for assistance, as well as Alice's lovelly beginner guide on entropiaforum.com

    Anyhoo, I'm going to insert an ad here: Stay tuned for an in-depth review of Entropia Universe/Planet Calypso, both pre and post VU, from someone with over 2.5 years & 2000 hours of experience in both audio visual and text formats, to be posted on major gaming websites (inc. this one) , my blog, with the video version to go on google video and/or youtube.

    It also may not necessarily be a positive review, either ;-)

    Anyhoo, have fun and good gaming.

    - Nytewolf

    Sick of playing Entropia Universe? Want to quit, but don't want your hard earned money to vanish? Give your items to ME :-)

  • ruskearuskea Member Posts: 12

    hahha just read the forums right now.. theres 90% of the ppl whining about the new money eating feature they added to game


    its fukin hilarious... i really hope ppl wont just let this pass like the other money eating features... 

  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856
    Originally posted by Zorlac

    Any thoughts on Entropia? The new engine looks really good and the PVP looks fun from some Youtube videos I watched.
    Is it a skill based sandbox sci-fi game?
    Is it possible realistically to make real $$$ from the game???
    Is it polished and fun?


    too many bugs sometime its lag sometime its bug sometime its querky ways to interact with game

    so when game stop act6ing the way it ashould your left to wonder if a the game lag ,b is this another bug ,or c a quirk you havent learned yet

    on top of that if you max graphic setting there are countless memory leak

    if the game worked as intended yes this game would be great but since the problem is the same as aion

    aside form the fact its another version of crytek 2,crytek is full of issue so many that after a month in entropia you ll beg for merci

    to anybody you hate to go see a movie with them

    you would have better luck with second life i think

  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

    this game is perfect for gamer playing on pokerstars with lot of other and are bored of poker then they can come in this game and relax (grind)

  • rvjones10rvjones10 Member UncommonPosts: 100

    I played this game at launch for 2  years, It was my first MMO.  I played very conservative with my deposits and MOBS dropped 100% of the time(they don't anymore). Weapons and Armor were more affordable as inflation had not kicked in. With that being said I made NO MONEY!  Averaged about $25 a month in deposits during this time.  I just tried it again for  few days and burned through my deposit faster than ever. Now the game is even less forginving and its increase in complexity is a great way to confuse beginners and make it even more of a money pit.

    The only way you can make money in this game is not by playing the game itself,  but try to buy low and sell High on the auction. And if your going to waste your time doing that, you might as well do it in real life.

    I was always under the impression that MA (the company that runs the game) and some of the folks that were successful in game were shady.  Like a snake oil salesman who has an accomplise in the crowd posing as a satisfied customer.

    I would avoid this game like the plague. There are plenty of MMO's out there with actual entertainment value and 10 - 15 dollars a month is reasonable amount to pay for unrestricted gameplay.

  • TorschenTorschen Member Posts: 78

    System is working now fairly well after all the updates, Cryengine is going strong. Graphics at its best is phenomenal, at worst (some unfinished areas) crappy.

    Gameplay is smooth now too.

    About this being free real cash mmorpg: TRUE. BUT.

    I have been in EU now I think 5 years, and I am presently at aproximately half-way to maximum in my main profession, that is hunting, and specifically laser sniper. Now it is getting progressively slower. I do not expect to max my skills even in this one profession in my lifetime. I do not have money to do that. I could put money in and buy skills, or wait for some fabulous loot continuing to come my way. Last is not going to happen. So I will never be at the top. This will be the situation to majority of EU players.

    The most important matter with this game is that its all about real money. Its your real money you are shooting away, and its real money if you loot something grand. This is the spice, the main thing about this game. This makes this game special.

    BUT DO NOT EXPECT TO GET RICH IN THIS GAME. Unless, of course, you are like Deathifier, who bought an island in EU for 26.000 USD. Or Buzz Lightyear (avatar name), who just today bought a space station inside EU for 333.000 USD. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT! 333.000 USD. There is lots of serious money moving around in EU.

    Do not expect easy, quick profits. And of course do not expect similar gameplay as in WoW, or ETQW, or whatever. This is all about hardcore business. Better be prepared for it if you enter.

  • JoysquirtcamJoysquirtcam Member Posts: 1

      I read several posts regarding Entropia and one post was real good, but I could not find it again. Something about a guy who said he was an embassador at Vegas for Entropia. This forum's search engine is not finding it. Thanks for all your feedback here.

    I have a duo core and a quad core and could not download Entropia/Planet Calypso on either. Downright strange.   I value that you say it is boring and hard to make it.  I made my decision based on this: 1. No proper newbie instructions 2. Download issues, including removal issues 3. Reviews    I will not  waste my precious time or buy into this!

    Another thing, it  is plain buggy that it does not show up in my Control Panel:  Add/Remove , but manages to put their icon on my desktop and my programs when it is not even friggin downloaded!  Why risk memory and other issues their bugs might mess up on my pc? Alot of positive reviews seem to come from "shills". (Vegas term). I  always look at negative reviews to weigh the odds that alot of them WILL BE FACT  via using alot of google  searches for consumer purchase ratings+forums+BBB files+also use the word "scam" or "ripoff" for certain companies. This method has saved me from trouble, wasted time, and most products I have gotten this way are favorable. Again, thx to you for saving me a lot  of time and aggravation! 


  • BrianshoBriansho Member UncommonPosts: 3,586

    What interests and frustrates me about this game is lack of information. Sure there are a ton of guides on how to play the game but there are none that go into detail about how the game world works. I've tried looking everywhere but I always run into 2 scenarios. You would think after a few years something would show up somewhere explaining how things work. I see many theories on the forums but they don't really go into detail. If you ask about something people just point to the generic guides that were posted years ago. Are there no updated guides with richer information and details? EU is a very complex game and I'm suprised there are not thousands of guides on how to play the game more effectively. Maybe I'm not looking in the right spots? Someone has to know something after all these years. There has to be more useful information somewhere other than how to click on a mob or item and click an action.

    Don't be terrorized! You're more likely to die of a car accident, drowning, fire, or murder! More people die every year from prescription drugs than terrorism LOL!

  • dar_es_balatdar_es_balat Member Posts: 438

    The truth is that folks have attempted to write these guides, and have done so successfully.  Once the game is decoded though the development team rebalances so that things work slightly differently.

    This is to everyones benefit, as the game is meant to be percieved as a dynamic world and not just a collection of numbers. But the drawback is that folks who do know a thing or two about how things work dont share info freely anymore, as that ruins a profit edge they percieve their character to have (rightly or wrongly!).   The other drawback of course is folks who are used to guides on how to do things dont have them.

    The only thing I can say in this regard is that in Entropia there is really no shortcut around the newbie experience.  Everyone has to figure the game out, figure out what works for them, and do it in their own way and own time.

    Crappy, petty people breed and raise crappy, petty kids.

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