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WTF!! Mourning Admin posts peoples IP

GrunchGrunch Member Posts: 493



Scroll down a little to my name. All I can say is wow and also shit. It didnt say they would do that in the rules.

"I'm sorry but your mmo has been diagnosed with EA and only has X number of days to live."


  • NoldarNoldar Member Posts: 13

    You had better make sure your firewall is up.

    E.T.B.A Team Leader

  • GrunchGrunch Member Posts: 493
    government pc

    "I'm sorry but your mmo has been diagnosed with EA and only has X number of days to live."

  • NoldarNoldar Member Posts: 13

    Ahh, good deal. Stinks that they posted your IP ;)

    E.T.B.A Team Leader

  • Groundzer0Groundzer0 Member Posts: 16

    Ya Grunch I read the posts you were banned for and it was a load of BS.

    I mean WTF......lol

    I decided to not support pro communist moderator Tiamat and his dictatorship.

    He even deleted my post.

  • DerapDerap Member UncommonPosts: 19

    I read it aswell.. they banned me for saying.. ah cant remmeber something to the effect of "oh fudge".

    Keep in mind they live in romania where they are all fascists, and ruled by them. This is the only way they know, so I plan on not playing this game for the fear that I may be banned when playing the game and axcidentally saying... "oh golly gee I died again" They may take it as if i am saying something like "fuck this shit is fucking retarted as hell fuck this game"

    Dont support the fascist Taimat or you may be banned too.

    (was checkin out the forums today and noticed he just banned some other long time mebers that were theyre since 03/04, what a way to treat your customers. And I thought NCSoft was bad)::::27::

  • ShrubberShrubber Member Posts: 219

    That is real nazi moderation. I would use a proxy to post on the site, seems that they will give out your Ip if they dont agree with you. You can find proxies here- http://www.samair.ru/proxy/. They change your IP, so even if your banned, you can post still::::40::

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