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Mourning community up in arms - WARNING before getting involved

HarelinHarelin Member UncommonPosts: 409

I won't bother you with my obviously biased opinion towards this game, because I'm just some stranger that you have no reason to believe the opinion of. However, let it be known that I have been following this game for nearly a year... I have a guild with a division in mourning, a big stake in it... and I'm well educated on the mechanics and history of the game thus far. I wrote this post, and you can use it to gather a small grasp of the problems they've been having as of late: http://www.realmsoftorment.net/forums/showthread.php3?s=02d6fe2cc2397ff079e2d97c468cf32e&threadid=17386 Needless to say, I'm no longer hopeful that they are capable of ANY change of tactics whatsoever.

I cannot stress enough to you how badly this development team interacts with its community. This is a HUGE warning I would like to get out to all of you now... you've heard the controversy, the 'scam' claims, and so forth... it all has a root, it's become an issue for a reason. But I'm not even here to rant about that. I'm here to show you several links, from their forums (I have saved backups if they choose to delete the threads), that you can use to educate yourself on the *latest* - the 'Spring Ban Fest.'

The community is experiencing an uproar now because they've decided to 'make an example' of several members through bannings. Some of them are justified. A LOT of them are not. I'll let you form your own opinion, but take note - some of these people here are banned for NOT REPORTING A BAD POST, or, for instance, using the abbreviation 'WTF'. I'm not kidding.


Upon reading that, continue to the 'comments' referring to the announcement... this was originally on the first thread, but tiamat split it off.


Some of my favorite quotes...
"That is not something which can really be defined, you just learn about it when you're young and your parents are rising you." -- Yes, this is the main PR guy, community manager, AND lead designer SPEAKING TO THE COMMUNITY (by the way, one-man show, anyone?).
"of course most of these bans are exagerated, but that's exactly the meaning of the example's power." -- I wonder what school of business teaches these tactics...

Among other things, the guy has also chosen to make public an offender's IP address. That's not just bad business, that's bad internet etiquette. If you register on their forums, tiamat freely admits that he will post your IP address to the public if you commit an offense. Privacy policy, anyone? I'm not sure this 'company' knows the definition of it...

Let's move on to some screenshots. My friend Arcarius and I were ultimately kicked from the room by tiamat (aka cothyso), despite our attempts to have a civil debate with him about the events. We objected vehemently to them. Let's take a look at an excerpt and give you an idea of how this guy acts in representation of his 'company'...


In conclusion, Mourning's issues go far beyond that of the 'healthy' MMORPG's. There have been delays in the release, and other issues of that sort - but that's to be expected, of course. What's not to be expected is the degree of disrespect tiamat and co. afford potential customers. I am extremely, extremely curious to see how this plays out in actual retail where they have to be held accountable for their actions - should be very entertaining, but unfortunately I won't be there to see it and I hope you're wise enough to steer clear as well.

I provided links to just a few examples of this dev team's injustices towards the community. By going to the General section of the forums ( http://www.realmsoftorment.net/forums/forumdisplay.php3?s=02d6fe2cc2397ff079e2d97c468cf32e&forumid=3 ), you can monitor the developments for yourself and form your own opinion. I've saved many of the threads in case they decide to delete anything.

I don't care how quality their game is, in my opinion this is unacceptable behavior on their part - but like I said, form your own opinion by perusing the forums. I've provided only a limited overview of the situation over there.


  • -Inferno--Inferno- Staff WriterMember UncommonPosts: 325

    Thanks for your opinion. I'm with you in thinking that this game has not much chance of succeeding. Not simply because of the lack of information, but mainly due to their community manager being a dictator and overall very unprofessional. The community of Mourning is rather easily pleased with empty words and promises. If it's not a scam, then it at least has a rather unqualified development team, which does not bode well for the future of this game. I'll keep watching this with interest to see how it develops, but I have no hopes for this game. In fact, I think more people should be made aware of the way this company treats their potential customers and how problems are being dealt with on their forums by the community manager.

    "Fire is never a gentle master..."

  • WoWisLEETWoWisLEET Member Posts: 68

    Personally I am glad to see a forum where the mods and administration get rid of the annoying flamers and trolls.

  • HarelinHarelin Member UncommonPosts: 409

    That's a fine thing to want to do, WoWisLEET. Unfortunately, the Mourning team is also choosing to ban individuals for such indiscretions as failing to report a bad post. Maybe that's your cup of tea, but wow... if that doesn't give you pause, I don't know what would.

  • whiplashwhiplash Member Posts: 27

    Mourning has some great ideas, but the developers are going to drive away alot of their potential customer with all of this banning over stupid stuff.

    Anyway I guess they arent to worried since 1 US Dollar = 28,773.0 Romanian Lei. That makes me think that they really dont care.

  • superhero13superhero13 Member Posts: 170

    LMFAO. So people come to your business and trash you...and you dont show them the door?
    You people are laughable.

  • HarelinHarelin Member UncommonPosts: 409

    Originally posted by superhero13
    LMFAO. So people come to your business and trash you...and you dont show them the door?
    You people are laughable.

    What part of 'not reporting a post' or saying 'WTF' involves coming to their business and trashing their company? Please enlighten me. I mean, seriously.

    And fyi, I have yet to be banned myself as of writing this - I came here simply to report my observances and opinion on why I would steer clear of this game. I am not some disgruntled member that was 'shown the door'.

    You said LMFAO... you'd be banned by now on the Mourning forums. Enjoy.

  • HarelinHarelin Member UncommonPosts: 409

    Read this chat:

    [05:18] <cothyso> derap34
    [05:18] <cothyso> for "which sucks"
    [05:19] <cothyso> that's 2nd
    [05:19] <cothyso> rule even


    [05:22] <cothyso> Havikk
    [05:22] *** Elfwine (rotchat@port648.ds1-van.adsl.cybercity.dk) has joined channel #realmsoftorment
    [05:23] <cothyso> for "SONY BITES"
    [05:23] <cothyso> that's 2nd and 7th rules
    [05:23] <cothyso> i know what bites mean... and again, by claiming that is an OK word will just insult our intelligence
    [05:24] <cothyso> there area many words which aren't offensive at all, but can become VERY offensive when used in certain manners
    [05:24] <cothyso> and this was exactly the case with this "bites"
    [05:24] <cothyso> which is a slang for "suck"


    [05:19] <cothyso> Gauge
    [05:19] <cothyso> for "Amen brother say it loud."
    [05:20] <cothyso> that's 8th (posting right after a flaming post without reporting it)
    [05:21] <cothyso> and 3rd as he agreed with the flaming poster's oppinion
    [05:21] <cothyso> which btw was "pls die"
    [05:21] <cothyso> which is offensive and bad language

  • ArcariusArcarius Member Posts: 72

    Banned for saying "<noun> sucks"

    Wow, that was so vulgar.

    I remember my mother slapping me across the mouth every time I said "vegetables suck" or "purple sucks" or "school sucks" or "homework sucks"

    Oh wait, no I don't remember that ever happening, 'cause the phrase "<noun> sucks" isn't vulgar ?

    Eternal Vigilance - NOW RECRUITING

    -Flavius Vegetius Renatus
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