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Coming Back to GW

KursoKurso Member Posts: 4

I played Guild Wars a few years ago (around the time Nightfall was released) and was still really new to computer gaming and MMO's in general. I got really into the pve aspect of the game and never got too heavy into the PvP side of things.

Now that I've been playing mmo's for a couple years now, and have shifted my focus towards PvP for the past year or 2, I thought to give GW a try again becuase HoH sounds, GvG, Hero Battles, etc all sound like a lot of fun. I like the idea of the leaderboard and a real sense of competiton. I've been playing age of conan for about a year and really enjoy the pvp in that game, but I want to try out a ranked system and see how far I could go basically.

So I'm throwing up this post here to say glad to be back and also throw it out there that I'm looking for a guild. I'd want it to be active, focused, fun, and competitive. I know we all have real lives etc etc but I'd really like to be in a guild with people who have no lives basically, lol. Which is to say, a guild with members who will keep trying after getting rolled and always be up for pvp and progression. Not the weekend warrior type, but the everyday type. heh.

Before the post gets too long I'll cut it short, but yeah, hello to the GW community and I'm glad to be back.


Also have vent/ts + mic.



Currently playing: Age of Conan, EvE. (Bored to death)


  • djazzydjazzy Member Posts: 3,578

    Do you already have a guild setup to go to for your pvp? I only ask this because it can be challenging at this stage of the game to get into a competitive HoH guild, for example, if you aren't already. A lot of them will want your pvp rank up there already before applying. Anyway, good luck with it, the pvp is a little bit down nowadays but it's to be expected with the age of the game (and to be frank, lack of support in my opinion). It is still quite fun though.

  • mayohayesmayohayes Member Posts: 4

    Heya, im also just getting back into gw stopped play just after nightfall was released, but am erady to get back into it and see how i go pvp or just casual!

  • KursoKurso Member Posts: 4

    Yeah I guess this post was made a little too soon, becuase I forgot my account information and sent the petition in with the proper info, and I get a reply asking more questions. lol. Whats up with the "name one of your characters" thing at login? I understand the whole account security bit, but meh.

    Anyways, no I don't have a guild lined up at all. When I played before, the only guilds I were in were the casual pve types, but never pvp. I used to do a lot of pug TA, RA, Battlefields (w/e the large scale battles were called). But never got the chance to GvG or HA.

    Althought I did join a HA pug once and Idk.. we made it to stage 3 or something. lul.

    This kinda how i figured the state of the game would be, a lot of players waiting for GW2 because theyve maxed their toons or are just burnt out after this long. So it's gotta be thined out, but is the game dead? Are the other arenas very active? But I'm always down for a challenge, even if it's to get into a competing guild.


    Currently playing: Age of Conan, EvE. (Bored to death)

  • mayohayesmayohayes Member Posts: 4



    yeah im having the same login troubles u are... its taking me like 3-4 days of email account support and they have got me know where yet... if it continues this way im not gona bother playing, its been so long i cant remember my character names so i cant log in.. all i ask of ncsoft is to give me a name so i can log in and they reply "ur account has been unlocked" wtf? that doesnt help

  • djazzydjazzy Member Posts: 3,578

    Make sure you deal with ANet support rather than NCSoft. While you may get a response from NCSoft, I think you'll get faster service from ANet themselves. Anyway, no the game is not dead but it is just harder to get into the competitive pvp now. For more casual RA type stuff you can still get into those (especially on the bonus weekends).

    Edit: the extra security is due to the NCSoft master accounts being comprimised

    Edit: Also I recommend checking out while you get plenty of asshats there (same as most game fansites really) you'll find a lot more activity there about the game. Can look for a guild there or whatever. Can probably help you out as far as logging into the game as well if you are still having problem. The subforum here on is dead pretty much.

  • mayohayesmayohayes Member Posts: 4

    yeah cheers man, ive been looking on gw guru and posted a thing bout coming back into game so ill probly stay more lively on there forums my user name is same "mayohayes"

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