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Mournings Current State

NoldarNoldar Member Posts: 13

With the delay of the game still in the air, the moderators of the community board decided to go a tad Nazi on the users. If this is going to be the trend for the game and their PR, I'd advice against buying this game if it were to see the light of day and to avoid it henseforth.

E.T.B.A Team Leader


  • -Inferno--Inferno- Staff WriterMember UncommonPosts: 325

    The official boards are rather weird. In almost every thread you see someone who is "banned". That's how the community manager and the mods deal with people demanding answers. Rather pathetic imo.

    "Fire is never a gentle master..."

  • Groundzer0Groundzer0 Member Posts: 16

    Not only do they ban the people that are just venting a little(And I stress the word little)

    But they delete posts to try to keep any criticism swept under the rug.

    Some of the things were so trivial that I doubt anybody would be offended by most of them.

  • whiplashwhiplash Member Posts: 27

    Just think the game isnt even released yet. Imagine what it will be like once it get released.

  • stone-seraphstone-seraph Member Posts: 376

    yeah i was thinking about playing this game while waiting for DnL but if the in-game PR/Mods/GMs will be anywhere near this bad it will be a horrible game, reguardless of gameplay.

    Make of it what you will.

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