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Whats the PvP like?

bdub123bdub123 Member Posts: 16

I have heard good things about guild wars pvp and am considering trying it out. My main question is how does the pvp play? Would it be more like War/Wow, or darkfall, or is it something completely different?

Owner and Operator


  • EvileEvile Member Posts: 534

    No open world PVP.

    PVP is highly competitive arena style. They have random areas you go and just join, and team areas you form before entering. Also larger Guild Battles.

    PVP is like a sport. It's fast, and more of a rock/paper scissers then people with some uber loot. A team really needs to work together and have a good skill selection that runs smooth like a well oiled machine.

    Guild Wars is a very solid game. Always been my backup MMO. 



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