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character built

Ive been playing skyblade for quite a while now, and ive searched the whole internetdom like a madman looking for someone to help me with my character build in skyblade.  you see, i have a wind character thats already at lvl.62 and i was wondering if its ok to put all my stats to intelligence. and how about the elements that that i need to learn. right now i picked up darkness as my 2nd skill, but i was wondering what other elements are better to make my magic stronger? also, i dont know if its ok to increase my life points more or my magic points more??? please anybody help me with this great game. tnx.


  • Godfatherx8Godfatherx8 Member Posts: 10

     yes if you put all your points on intelligence then you did good. as for the dark Ma thats also correct. your 3rd and 4th skills should be ice, and either fire or lighting. personally i learned fire. i love to  pk and i'm lvl 73  and i beat top ranked ppl lvl 80-90. fire worked good for me. My name in-game  is AssClown and Ang3lBust3rz. do you play on elite or ph? and what is your in-game name?

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