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Favorite Sport

Was just curious what each of your favorite sports were. There are many out there, of course, but I decided on the most common. Your welcome to post why or any others.

Edit -- bah, this was not meant to be in the Pub, but in the Off-topic::;^|::. Sorry...if you could move, that'd be nice. I was wondering why the thread had four replies already...



  • OrccOrcc Member Posts: 3,043

    Paintball... but thats not on the list. So i chose Hockey.

  • ThriftThrift Member Posts: 1,783
    Hockey image
  • sqwigginssqwiggins Member Posts: 286
    tennis is what im best at probably then comes soccer but i like soccer more just because its not as long and i think it requires more skill, once you get tennis down its realy easy but soccer is a lot harder i think and requires diffrent skills for diffrent posistions
  • rathmarathma Member UncommonPosts: 3,786

    The only sport i've played before is hockey, so that one.


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  • HelixwolfHelixwolf Member Posts: 345
    Well, I really don't have a favorite sport but more like two favorite sports: baseball and hockey. image


  • SatansDiscipleSatansDisciple Member Posts: 2,782

    The only sport I play for school is Track and Field, but since that's not on the list... well I play golf sometimes, so that.


  • GunharpGunharp Member Posts: 2,890

    This is one hard poll cause I like all the sports I just voted for the one I play, read, and watch the most.

    FOOT BALL !!

    1. Foot Ball
    2. Auto Racing (I don't like nascar though)
    3. Hockey
    4. Shooting sports
    5. Tennis

    Thats how I rank my top 5.

  • KiamdeKiamde Member CommonPosts: 5,820

    boxing, kickboxing and football.

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  • kdziubakdziuba Member Posts: 14

    ski jumping, ski jumping! and Adam Malysz!! ::::02::

  • RavenStJRavenStJ Member Posts: 309

    womens vollyball or mud wrestling...

  • DarqueLordDarqueLord Member Posts: 195

    I can't vote. I need my paintball!

  • RiotgirlRiotgirl Member UncommonPosts: 520

    Football, I refuse to denigrate it by calling it 'soccer'. It's FOOTBALL! It's an egilitarian sport i.e. no special equipment needed and everyone can play.

    I also like Badminton, don't mind tennis but it is very difficult to return the ball and keep it in court. You don't realise just how much effort you have to put into the game - extremely strenuous work.

    My favourite sport to watch is gymnastics: it is an amazing balletic, kinetic expression of the human form. However, I cannot but help think of the dark side of the event, where young children have to contort their bodies into all sorts of shapes, for hours, days, weeks, and years on end, only to find that their bodies cannot perform once they get out of their teens. It's also an event where the gap between failure and success is > .. < that close.

    I have enjoyed martial arts: Ju-Jitsu and Krav Maga. Karate was utterly dull.


    P.s. Over spring, I might check out wind surfing. There's a place just right by me. It's nice to stare out of the window on clement days and watch people sail across the lake.

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  • wootedgewootedge Member Posts: 122
    Basketball is the best!Noneone has said that yetimageimageI playing it nowimage
  • kdziubakdziuba Member Posts: 14

    Golf, Cricket and Boxing to! ::::39::

  • ravenspawnravenspawn Member Posts: 62
    It is Football for me.  GO FALCONS!!

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  • the_ryhmethe_ryhme Member Posts: 54

    My favorite sports to play and watch are by far Australian Football (toughest game in the world), Rugby and Basketball (LeBron James is a freak!image). i also like to watch American Football but sometimes the pace of the game is just too slow!

    And Ice Hockey sucks!

    Cheers! image



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  • OmegaLetOmegaLet Member Posts: 588

    Favorite sport to play would be soccer, been playing since I was a youngin and still am playing it now at the age of 16
    Favorite sport(s) to watch - Soccer if it was ever on TV, football, hockeys fun to watch, basketball but only college I highly disagree with everything the NBA does and the players lost my appeal in that.


  • DrakaeonDrakaeon Member Posts: 630

    You forgot Water Polo.

  • ShrubberShrubber Member Posts: 219

    Football and golf are on top. Rock all the other sports like a cop.

  • killerTwinkiekillerTwinkie Member CommonPosts: 1,694
    Wrestling - not that TV crap either.

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  • joshcojoshco Member Posts: 38

    Football, its the one I play in school. But, I also like soccer and baseball.

  • sidebustersidebuster Member UncommonPosts: 1,712
    Does anyone know the true reason americans call football soccer and football football? i mean come in football you only kick it as a punt or field goal, they should call it advance rugby (j/k rugby fans) or uhh hell i am no one to make up names.
  • joshcojoshco Member Posts: 38
    I guess we do it to be different than everyone else. Actually I havent got a clue.
  • OudorldonOudorldon Member CommonPosts: 4
    golf and tennis
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  • XarktardXarktard Member UncommonPosts: 12
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