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Mu Online the best FREE online rpg?



  • Okami_aeOkami_ae Member Posts: 61
    When you reach 7 resets on a private server ( i had a mg (magic gladiator) with 7 resets in hurricane armor +9+16% ) it wont be so interesting

  • ~AgoN~RuS~AgoN~RuS Member Posts: 8

    Originally posted by Fess
    When you reach 7 resets on a private server ( i had a mg (magic gladiator) with 7 resets in hurricane armor +9+16% ) it wont be so interesting

    yeah...:).....but you got to agree that it beats the usuall server image



  • ~AgoN~RuS~AgoN~RuS Member Posts: 8

    Originally posted by Fess
    When you reach 7 resets on a private server ( i had a mg (magic gladiator) with 7 resets in hurricane armor +9+16% ) it wont be so interesting

    BTW....its ok you can say MG,DK,SM,.......everybody knows what it means those who dont arent mu lovers ;)



  • MushroomGuyMushroomGuy Member Posts: 29
    If RF Online goes English it's still in Beta like Mu so it will be the best. It's like Lineage 2 gfx and like Mu, you see the armor you're wearing. Sadly, you HAVE to live in Korea to give them your "Resident Registration Number" and that info is confidential to the point where unless you know somebody who in Korea, or you go to Jail for's like a Social Security number, I think.

  • MushroomGuyMushroomGuy Member Posts: 29

    Originally posted by Fess

    Well, in priston tale from 39 lvl you need to pay a month fee.
    Sure playing Mu is hard, and no quests it's rather better (  for exmpl. do you like running all around the world map looking for some book? image)
    And graphics what do you want It's free!
    P.S i'm not a fan of mu, but i like it image

    LOL, you DO go all around Mu searching for this quest Item called "Book of Kings" imageimage, well It's called emporer's scroll in English ver. I guess :P

  • Okami_aeOkami_ae Member Posts: 61

    I know about the book, but you don't have to go around the world lol, go to lt7 for 2 hours and you will find it without problems.

    But in LA2 when you take a quest with book you have to go to 1 NPC then to 2 and then to 3 and it will never stops image

  • tomeeztomeez Member Posts: 18

    This game is good, but i will say that the game is LAG based :-) and after reaching about 80 lvl it is horrible to gain another. Hackers destroyed everything good prizes are always to high for non-hacker players. And these things would be enough for most players to say that it is not the best free online RPG, but there are LAST things. People act there terrible. They kill your mobs, sometimes kill you just for fun, horror. Nobody from developer’s check what is happening on public servers. I played LOTS of time and I think that it gives me right to post hire.

    Best one? For now it is Ultima Online. There are free shards, and you can download free version from official game server. So it is TOTALY FREE to play.
    I played for the last days in WISH, but that game is history for now. Rest In Peace ::::21::. It could be the best UMMORPG ever.


    Brain eater:

  • tribeskhastribeskhas Member Posts: 2
    Mu sux. Haha it is about the worst MMORPG ever made. Even if it is free it is horrible. Well now it is not free anymore but it used to be. Now the gAME YOU HAVE TO PAY NO JOKE. in the server that i play in it if for pay ( dumb mobius. It is some cheap company in the Philippines that is making mu pay and others will follow including global. Well best free MMORPG is Anarchy online since it beats any other free MMORPG by a big shot, especially MU since you cant do anything else but fight. People dat play dis game in other words love it and are very addicted to it are people who probably have the worst taste of game i have ever seen even worse than playing board games haha. But i know good MMORPG's since now i am playing three. World of Warcraft with some of its server problems, Anarchy Online with no problems and Star Wars Galaxies An Empire Divided. SO MU=sux.
  • Okami_aeOkami_ae Member Posts: 61

    Mu Online is history now. For mmorpg its a very old one ( if you know the exact date of release you will uderstand me ). Ahh, i remember those days... lt7, BC .... Sun was shining upon my black armor, wind blew at my wings.. Those were the times.. the times of battles ....


    P.S pardon my english

  • BuzzLiteBeerBuzzLiteBeer Member Posts: 9

    No...sadly it has too many flaws. No matter how fun or addictive it may be, it is still very much under developed in terms of graphics (many argue that this sin't the case), complexity (admit it, this game is straight up Daiblo II ripoff with an asian twist), and it's quest system.

    The whole PK thing is also bad, morons will kill you for no reason.

    The stat requirements are also ridiculously high and only truely dedicated gamers can appreciate this game.

    I got sick of this after after leveling to lvl35...

    It also has a poor economic system where "Jewels of Chaos" are becoming popular currency sort of like "Stone of Jordans" in Diablo II.

    I hope this game gets better, but as for now, it's one of those games you play for a week and then get bored of.

    So if you want a free game to test and relieve your boredom for a short time, then this would be a good choice.

    Proud R.P.Gamer and Star Wars Fanatic

  • TheWarcTheWarc Member Posts: 1,199
    Still hundreds of players play the game Fess
  • BalaczarBalaczar Member UncommonPosts: 36

    There are way too many Hackers (even though they have started to ban them as they find them) and there is no way to stop the older characters to wander into the lower dungeons and level up. You can find several level 150+ character running macros to grind exp in dungeon 2.

    Nice game, it's still free but there are other free ones like Knight Online as well

  • stephweissstephweiss Member Posts: 1
    Rubies of Eventide is much better -- no PvP unless you allow it. The jerks who think PKing is just a fun thing to do for kicks -- ooh let's ruin someone's day for no reason! yay! -- probably wouldn't like Rubies at all. But all these other games where you can be just playing along, minding your own business & some high-level jerk comes up & kills you 'for fun,' well, I can't vote them higher than about a 1 on a 'fun' scale of 1-10.
  • DrashanDrashan Member Posts: 153

    I wouldn't say MU online is the best free RPG, it's good but not the best. And also, it's only Beta (and free) for now. It'll be pay to play soon enough ::::21::

  • tomeeztomeez Member Posts: 18

    If it will be as it is, and it will be pay to play then no one would play this… Only the hardcore players would stay. This Game is getting old. And there is almost nothing interesting to do in it, what is to pay for. I’m sad when I say this. I played it for a long time (1 year) and try to find a goal different than get highest LVL on the server. But there is no such thing. this game has nothing interesting for long term players. Only frustration. That is not to good, for game that want to be “pay to play”.

    And the last thing... Most of players are from PL or BR :-) How much of them you know from "pay to play" games? Try to think about it...

  • coolstevecoolsteve Member Posts: 9
    I thought that MuOnline was strangely addictive.  But the concept of the game was pretty repetitive.  Kill things, level up, kill bigger things, rinse repeat.  I got up to level 25 or something like that, but then there was a slew of accounts that got hacked.  And mine was one of them.  So, I was like, "sigh...  Forget this, I spent too much time on it already."  I think I'd rather join free beta tests of other games (and then stop once they release) than play Mu.
  • DrashanDrashan Member Posts: 153
    I have to say, I agree. I certainly won't be paying for MU if and when it becomes pay to play. After a few weeks of playing now, it's a real strugle to level up and I'm getting sick anyway. The game'll have to undergo some major changes (for the best) if I'm to keep playing.
  • KorvenKorven Member Posts: 22

    Yes MU online is the best free mmorpg, but its no fun. I think its just boring. I think the game is very dark, thers is no light in the game. Maybe there is if you can go to a desert or something. I don't know only played for 1hour.

    I'm the cutest.

  • tomeeztomeez Member Posts: 18

    KORVEN: If You played for 1 hour then You have to be ::::12:: to say that it IS or IS NOT the best free MMORPG. You even don't know what's in the game. Your post is really NOT IN A PLACE. By the way, there is no desert there.

    Your post is ::::02:: for me.

  • DrashanDrashan Member Posts: 153

    Again, tomeez, you are completely correct. Korven, who the heck are you to say that MU online is the best free MMO if you've played it for just one hour!? I am curious as to how many MMOs you have played, if you think that MU's the best free one you're gonna get then it can't be that many. What are your reasons for MU being the best free MMO? You only said that it was dark, and that you wanted a desert in it, you never actually said why (after 1 hour of playing) you think MU is the best free mmorpg.

  • GreatnessGreatness Member UncommonPosts: 2,141
    Calm down people, everyone has different opinions.


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