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Can not log in, assistance?

ChantillyChantilly Member UncommonPosts: 20

At log-in Feb 9th, 2010,  Guild Wars has added a blank for me to fill in one of my character names as its security question.  That was never my security requirement and I don't recall the names.   I emailed  the support address and that failed to help.  Any ideas how to compromise this naughty little security surprise so I can play my Guild Wars account again.  It was paid at NCSoft and it looks like a management change may have happened.   Am at a loss where anyone is that can tell me the answer to the security now.     Chantilly


  • illyanaillyana Member UncommonPosts: 614

    im sure that ANET support can help you out after their verification process
    if they cant help, we cant

    Have fun storming the castle! - Miracle Max

  • HalandirHalandir Member UncommonPosts: 773

    Unless you have reinstalled GW you might have an old screenshot with a valid charname in your screenshots folder?

    If you don't have old screenshots available you will have to choose one of the support options here:  (This IS the correct adress and not one of those malicious scam-adresses that is one of the reasons for this change. Anyway: Always beware of links posted or emailed to you.)

    I only have experience with using their web-support form. This will require that you register a valid email adress (do not use your gw account here.)

    My problem was solved in 3 working days from their websupport. Good luck.


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  • ChantillyChantilly Member UncommonPosts: 20


    Happily posting info that NCSoft was able to verify my account and sent me the name of one of my characters on my Guild Wars account.  It was 2006. LOL  I forgot....   Many thanks for this forum and for you dedicated, smart folks who are here to give me a feeling that help is near.       Chantilly



  • illyanaillyana Member UncommonPosts: 614

    good to hear that your problem got resolved, welcome back to the game

    Have fun storming the castle! - Miracle Max

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