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hello vanguard players!

Since I can't seem to post on the official forums on my trial account, my second attempt led me here. hello.


I was wondering where i can find, if one exists, a population tracker for the current vanguard servers? i'm about to resub (i bought vanguard during launch and still have a key) but wanted to join a server with a decent population.


how is the current population? and is there a place for congregation? when I played eq, highborne was a ghost town, but freeport was packed.


  • darcnierdarcnier Member Posts: 10

    The best server is Xeth.  It is the server that I am currently active on, and its the only server that had enough population for me to resub to Vanguard.  Hope this helps! Look forward to seeing you in game!

  • GameboyMarcGameboyMarc Member UncommonPosts: 389

    There is not a way to track the population of the servers that I know of. Last time I played there where only 4 servers, and thought there was recent talk of a merger. But I could be wrong.

  • jramsay61jramsay61 Member Posts: 20

    cool, thanks for the replies guys.  maybe one of you can answer me another question i have? i noticed this on the vanguard wiki regarding rangers:


    Freeze: Freezes (Stuns) the opponent for 3 seconds. Using Blade of Winter twice in a row does this.


    do all classes get these kind of combos? warrior ability 1 + warrior ability 2 = warrior ability x? or is this specific to rangers? a class defining trait?

  • fodell54fodell54 Member RarePosts: 859

    To answer your question yes for the most part. But I wouldn't make a warrior if I were you. They pretty much suck.

  • jramsay61jramsay61 Member Posts: 20
    Originally posted by fodell54

    To answer your question yes for the most part. But I wouldn't make a warrior if I were you. They pretty much suck.


    dang, that's where i was actually heading.


    i've played mmo's long enough to know you can't judge a class within a few levels, but i couldn't resist trying out 4 different classes in under an hour last night. i still have no idea what i want to play as.

    i played an enchanter in eq, while playing a shaman and rogue in wow. 

    would any of you players mind providing some insight on the classes of vanguard? i know there are several guides out there (most of which i've read) but they were written nearly 3 years ago.


    edit: i just read weather effects are bugged on windows vista systems, is this true? how can i mend this?

  • morpinmorpin Member Posts: 360

    The warrior class is tough to solo.  No heal, no stealth, no root, no kite.  A lot of buffs but they are short group buffs.   I have a tough time when I get aggro from more than one thing at a time. I really depend on getting a good number of critical hits and  If I dont,  I die. 

    You need good equipment and being a  armorsmith or having an alt weaponsmith helps out a lot.

    Tank classes are in more demand for groups than any type (dps, heal, tank), and with the group buffs that a warrior gets you wont find a problem finding a group.


    There is (still) a bug on Vista and Windows 7 where you can not see the rain.  Apparently the rain is there but its too small to see.  You still see snow, wind,  and weather fronts (dark clouds).



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