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Gaming Keyboards



  • ozerinxozerinx Member UncommonPosts: 200

    uhm.... PS3 and XBOX360 has custom controllers for arcade fighting games..... and I think they have custom controllers for FF11 in japan too..

  • I would choose steelseries Merc Stealth. I have the original Zboard. I love it to death. I will never get a different keyboard.

  • SalvatorisSalvatoris Member Posts: 1,360
    Originally posted by Agricola1

    I use a Merc Stealth, was Ideazon but they got bought out and is sold by Steel series now. Awesome keyboard that's completly programmable, I wouldn't use anything else now.


    Same here.  I have them on mine and both my kids computers.  I think the dedicated gaming keys, with a great layout and different shapes and curves so you can keep your eyes up instead of always looking at the keyboard.  It's great for MMOs and FPS games, totally programmable, although I fins the default keys to be just where I need them for most games.  No need for a gimmicky LED,, since your eyes are always on the screen. ;)

  • JetrpgJetrpg Member UncommonPosts: 2,347

    I just recently bought a gaming keyboard.

    I got a ns sidewinder x6.

    I love it for its macros which are the best that i have seen. But it has a 3 button at a time limitation which is very stupid of MS. As once ina  while while croutching talking and walking i can't do what i want to.


    It has 30 macro keys (holding 90 macros) and what i love about it is that it uses the numpad and a very close row of macro keys for the macros. Its on-the-fly macro recording does whatever keys you push and the delay between when you push them, allowing you to build macros that activate abilities after gcd and cooldowns (just like you would). It also has a nice backlight, and a button that allows your next key to be held down until you want otherwise

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  • ReizlaReizla Member RarePosts: 4,083
    Originally posted by Slineer

    The g15 has an lcd screen, which once you have you will fall in love with! Also check out the G19, its got a colored lcd screen. IMO the best is the original G15 but I'm not sure how you'd find one of those now.  The next best choice from there is a G19 which will be slightly more pricey but has double the macro keys as the g15 revision 2. 
    For reference the original G15 has 18 macro keys X 3 modes, G15 R2 has 6 keys X 3 modes and you cannot adjust the lcd screen angle, G19 has color, tilt adjustable lcd and 12 keys X 3 modes but needs to be plugged into a power outlet as well as a usb port.


    G11 for me... Has 18x3 macro-keys as well

    Don't care too much about the display...besides, the levitated display would not fit in my keyboard drawer at all I think :p

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