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For those who play Mabi

cryingcoffeecryingcoffee Member Posts: 3

I am wondering if I will like it. Please for those who love Mabi, what other titles are your favourite? for me to be able to work out if I might love it too.

Thank you in adavence =)


  • 9tailedfox39tailedfox3 Member Posts: 1

    omg i love mabi its amazing.. its really fun and challenging(forgive me my spelling isn't that good) and tons of clothing and weapons

  • It's true you get a ton of options in character customization. And, when you create your first character, you can get whatever premium features you like without having to pay for a premium card. Between that and the ever expanding choices in clothes, there are dyes (fixed, regular, metal and flashy) that allow you to choose to look however you want to.

      There are no set classes, so if one day you decide to train to be an archer, have at it. Or work on life skills to create clothes, food (yum) or play music from your favorite game or movie. And when the daily grind becomes too much, you can rebirth back to level 1 at age 20 for free, keeping all of your skills, titles, ap, and items intact.

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