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DoctorRatDoctorRat Member Posts: 54

I have been considering joining this game, but I have some questions.

1: How is role play? Are there still guilds which use the game's lore and actively role play?

2: How long after I join will I be able to participate in these sieges and wars? I hear leveling is easy and fast in this game, but just how easy and fast is it? Is there a way to get to an acceptable PVP level in weeks, days, hours?


  • arvainisarvainis Member Posts: 548
    If you want RP don't bother with this game.  Mourning server was the unofficial RP server but it's a friggin mess now.  The server is a POS and crashes constantly and the server is run by a bunch of dumb kids who like to make funny abreviations for their Guild names.  Want a male soap opera?  Play Shadowbane.  Want to really RP and have fun?  Get some GURPS 4th edition books, paper, and pencils and have fun. 

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