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item loss

madnessman13madnessman13 Member UncommonPosts: 91


i was a memerb and have alot of member items but i quit for a while and i came back to check it out but all my memerb items were gone can i get them back?



  • PhelimReaghPhelimReagh Member UncommonPosts: 682

    Sounds like you might have been hacked or something. They don't get rid of your items if you go from members to non-members.


    Unless you mean you deleted/ dropped/ destroyed them yourself. In which case, no, unless they were quest items, which will require you to go to the person that initially gave them to you.

  • madnessman13madnessman13 Member UncommonPosts: 91

    ok thanx


  • Jalice888Jalice888 Member CommonPosts: 113

    I know that feeling, I stopped playing for a few months then life's frustrations I decided to get back on to relax. Well i'm assuming there is software that they take information you talk to friends in the game about which somehow runs combinations of passes to attempt to be hacked. I han't given my pass away and don't have a keylogger problem but got hacked all the same and here's what I lost:

    Armour & Weapons Wc / Fletch / Range

    1. DFS sheild 1. 1 X Dragon Axe near

    2. Abyssal Whip 2. Frem Ranger helm

    3. Dragon Square Shield 3. 2k mage logs

    4. 1 Dhorak Legs 4. near 860 yew logs

    5. 1 Full Dhorak Set 5. 1500 Mahogany Logs

    6. (Dragon Boots) replaced 6. 1800 Teak logs or more

    7. 2 complete cannons 7. 765 Eucalyptus Logs

    8. 6320 cannon balls 8. 2846 red chinchoppas

    9. 3 X Rune Defenders 9. 865 Diamond (e) Bolts

    10. 2 X Rune Boots 10. 3950 Ruby (e) bolts

    11. Frem Warrior Helm 11. 970 Rune Arrows

    12. 2 X Dragon Halbeard 12. 5K Mith Arrows

    13. 4 X Rune scimmis 13.

    14. Rune Trimmed Body (Sara) 14.

    15. 4 X Rune Bodies 15.

    16. 5 X Rune Legs 16.

    17. 2 X Slay Gloves 17.

    18. 2 X Red (dragonlike) Gloves 18.

    19. 5 Loop Half Keys 19.

    20. over 20 million gp cash 20. 1490 Brutal Mith Arrows

    21. 1 Obbey Shield 21. 11,800 bowstrings

    22. 2 X D Meds 22. 18,500 Feathers

    Magic / Runecraft / Herblore / Food / Fishing

    1. Anchient Staff 1. Eyes of Newt lots like 370

    2. 2. Mort Myre Fungi X 350

    3. Guthix Cape 3. Limpwurts Roots X 350

    4. 1 Ghostly Cloak 4.180 Potatoe Cactus

    5. 1 Mystic Blue Body 5. 93 bird nests crushed

    6. 9500 Pure Essence 6. 30 Prayer Pots (4)

    7. 3400 Normal Essence 7. 960 plus Clean Dwarf Weed

    8. 58 X Rannar Seeds

    9. 67 X Kwarm Seeds

    10. 8700 Air Runes 53 X Snap Dragon Seeds

    11. 4500 X Water Runes 45 X Candantine Seeds

    12. 2800 X Earth Runes 37 X Lantandyme Seeds

    13. 3800 X Nature Runes 28 X Dwarf Weed Seeds

    14. 12860 X Chaos Runes 400 Raw Monkfish

    15. 3500 + Law Runes 4500 Cooked Sharks

    16. 7800 X Death Runes

    17. 2950 X Blood Runes

    18. 1250 X Soul Runes



    Mining / Smelting / Crafting / Jewellery /

    1. 600 Iron Ore 1. 22 X Glory Amulets

    2. 380 silver ore 2. 285 X Amulets of Power

    3. 23,890 Coal 3. 329 X Strength Amulets

    4. 16870 Gold Ore 4. 29 X Defence Amulets

    5. 340 Mith Ore

    6. 95 Addy Ore 48 X Rings of Life

    7. 48 Rune Ore

    8. 870 Iron bars

    9. 1245 Steel Bars 17 X Dragonstones Cut

    10. 680 Gold Bars 589 X Diamonds Cut

    11. 5630 Mith Bars 747 X Rubies Cut

    12. 6225 Addy Bars

    13. 18 Rune Bars






    19. maybe 2 or 3 Rune Picks

    20. 275 X Rings of Recoil

    61. 465 X Rings of Dueling (8)

    62. 128 X Rings of Forging


    64. 5 X Rings of Wealth

    65. 8 X Games Neklaces (8)


    67. 790 Super Attack Pots (4)

    68. 390 Super strenght Pots (4)

    69. 455 Super defence pots (4)

    70. 270 Super Antipoison Pots (4)

    71. 380 Super energy Pots (4)

    As you can see I haven't completed it but the frustration puts me off doing more. Other stories of losses may be whats needed to finally get the thieving game developers to do something about the theft of an account as it seems this is the one area they all fail so dismally in.

    Runescape has a bad fault now that needs to be fixed as when I went back on, friends started telling me how I had gone and put up a Faldor Party that included 150m gp of items - seems they even got an item I had never owned thus selling gear to buy other stuff to party with and making it so their mates get those items. Every single fault of macroing and RWT seems to go right back to Jagex in-game people who must be manipulating the game for their own person gain!!!

  • madnessman13madnessman13 Member UncommonPosts: 91

    dam dude thats alot of stuff


  • felinemagicfelinemagic Member Posts: 26

    Did you report this problem?  What did they do to help you?


  • Jalice888Jalice888 Member CommonPosts: 113

    Yes, I reported it when a game friend told me by email my account was hacked & he said I needed to recover it quick.  They work that out as hackers don't talk the same as us and many friends knew that regardless if I quit I never removed anything incase I changed my mind to play again. I believe this is how most higher level players would decide to do and thus those claiming 'they are quitting ' is an alert for a hacker on that account. Jagex make claims of saying they are rewarded with stories that they are the best at protecting stuff but reality shows they just take members money and don't do much at all to provide security.

    In todays life it's possible to fully note what each account has, giving that back and penalising buyers of hacked gear would hit the highest total players most of all since thats how they get plenty of gear quick with their super-richness and this in turn destroys the RS economy even more as these people put decent gear way out-of-price to a lower level player and also it makes it even worse for those of us hacked to replace our gear so back-tracking would right lots of wrongs in the game.

    Unfortunately RS is proving that thieving hackers don't get penalised in life and the accounts they keep playing once they stole them mean that the hundreds of dollars spent by the true owner is a freeby aswell to them and they play thinking they are great but reality is they are very bad unskilled game players since they never did the work themselves. An account that my cousins nephew played prior to his parents breaking up and then 'his mum that played it with him' died too, it got hacked and after 18 months my cousin recovered it again to give it back to him to play now he got over those hassles, but again it got hacked and Jagex don't do a thing as the previous hacker paid membership just as they changed how they allowed recoveries i.e. they use the last payment method as proof above previous passwords that cover years of payments reliably - notice how Jagex seem to support hacking by doing that. Actually Jagex do lots now to help account thieves like allow name changes so even the original owner can't find it while a real pain you put on ignore simply changes their name and starts to become a pain to you again

    You don't need a big brain to see how much of a mess this makes in the game. The only account that has any significance is your own account that you know how you played genuinely and sometimes also the accounts of a real life friend but often they used macros too so have false stats aswell. In future just ignore any skite as a lier and play your own game without any cheating or else you will be as false as an account thief, that would make you a nothing for cheating

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