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Damn, this comic is actually a little sad - Spirit

sephersepher Member Posts: 3,561



if you haven't heard, Spirit is finally due to shut down on Mars after getting stuck.

"After months of trying to wiggle the rover out of a sand trap on Mars, the NASA probe remains firmly entrenched in the soft soil inside a small crater."




The 26th marked its 2,213th day of doing service, and it was expected to last 90 after landing. Too bad there's no way to bring it back. Talk about something that earned it's permanent place in the Smithsonian. Star-Spangled Banner, Hope Diamond, and Spirit! Soon as we have the technology we should make that a priority.


  • Gabby-airGabby-air Member UncommonPosts: 3,440

    Lol that is kinda sad.

  • HeallunHeallun Member Posts: 149

    Geh, now this makes two.  Well three--times I've cried over machines.  This comic and AI are tears of sadness.  When my MoBo fried, it was tears of rage, though =x

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