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Race Lore - Humans

TERA_AmiraTERA_Amira Member Posts: 5

Hi there guys! I'd like to show you a new translated article we have up at TERA Fans from the official Korean site.

The Korean site has a lot more information on lore than the English official site does, so we're getting the race pages there translated :]

If you're interested in lore at all, you'll probably love this!  Tonight, we're showcasing Human lore and tomorrow, we'll have some Castanic lore.




History of the Human

For 2000 years, humans had to endure the Diaspora. To recover what they had lost in those 2000 years, they established themselves in an area of Arborea that was torn by a war of deities. The humans are upright, have good physical shape, and are full of confidence. However, no one believes humans will be the leading race of Arborea.

Humans have built the city of Velika which is now considered the center of civilization. They have driven away various monsters and creatures in Arborea to bring about peace, and created the Valkion Coalition, an alliance of advanced civilizations in Arborea.

Curse of Diaspora

The ancestors of the humans were jealous of their creators’ powers, and stole some possessions from the last of the creators, Gheed. Afterwards, Gheed found out who stole his precious possessions and killed them, but he did not stop there. He also put a curse on the whole human race, which spread throughout the land for 2000 years. The fact that humans have started to gather and civilize is only recent history.

Creation of The Valkion Coalition

The Valkion Coalition was created to prevent destruction caused by deities and to keep foreign races out. Its members are the civilized races in Arborea. This Valkion Alliance was created when it was suggested by Kiyon, who was one of the creators of Velika. To this day, this national alliance prevents foreign races from attacking the civilized races in Arborea.

What other races think of Humans

“Even though humans are disrespectful and lack wisdom, they do communicate well.”

“I think highly of their willpower. When others have given up on something, they are still at it. Though, I think it’s sad that they aren’t the honest bunch and like to sit and talk instead of act.”

“Those filthy things are inferior to elves… even if they look like they care, all they think about is taking care of themselves. Its obvious they are jealous of us.”

“Humans? Yeah its great that they’re active and all, but they take everything for granted. Its too bad they use that activity to destroy nature.”

“Humans are great. They’ve done incredible things in such a short period of time, even though from our point of view they seem too eager to do things. But wouldn’t that be their advantage? We just hope that they look at the big picture and work with it."




As a side note, we're looking to add some more translators to our team, so if you're interested, please let me know! :]




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  • ValentinaValentina Member RarePosts: 1,946

    Cool :) Thanks!

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    im gonna quit life and become a tera addict when this piece of trash is released.

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    Very nice info =)


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  • TERA_AmiraTERA_Amira Member Posts: 5
    Originally posted by McMoll

    Very nice info =)
    PS. Your registration form at www.terafans.com is unavailable. I got this error "[#10123] The administrator is currently not accepting new membership registrations."

    This should not be happening! O: Do you have a Curse account? If so, simply login with that (if you don't like your name, you have the option to change your display name!) If you still need to make a Curse account, click "resister" on TERA Fans and you should be able to make one!



    And you're welcome everyone :]

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    www.TERAFANS.com - get all your up-to-date info on TERA, soon after it hits Hangame!

  • TERA_AmiraTERA_Amira Member Posts: 5

    Tonight, we have the Castanic lore up! :D 

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