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with CO goin to da crapper....

mcburlymcburly Member Posts: 234 record pace. Im gonna need a new mmo to play. maybe someone could give me a few recomendations. im pretty over the high fantasy setting, i would prefer something relatively new and i am a big fan of the fast paced action combat in CO ( I really hate combat in games like WoW that is so slow and the animations are retarded and boring). I do like a lot of content...who doesnt ...but i mean multiple things to do in game and most importantly ran smartly by the devs. if you havent heard CO has very little content and they are releasing a new zone for lvls 37-40 and players have to pay for it. CO forums are going apeshiit right now its pretty funny



  • mcburlymcburly Member Posts: 234

    anyone got any ideas??????


  • championsFanchampionsFan Member Posts: 419

    Haha, no but I definitely won't be paying for an expansion to CO.  Unfortunately, I want to look forward to DCUO but that will have the same irritating paid content problem.  I will probably quit MMOs for a long time, until a company with a reputation I can trust (Bethesda, Bioware, Blizzard) gives me a no additional fee guarantee.  For years that had been implicit, but Cryptic is just one of the companies on the frontier of the  new wave of paid + RMT, and they have gone too far, but they won't be the last to do so.  

    Cryptic is trying a Customer Development approach to MMO creation.

  • SortisSortis Member Posts: 193

     I agree DCUO is looking decent, it just depends on if they do some kinda bullshit RMT system. I also agree that I may quit MMOs for awhile if all of these new games start bleeding me for money, especially in a time when the economy is such crap. The nice thing about MMOs is they offered a cheap way to spend an afternoon considering you just throw down 12-15 bucks a month. If they start costing me boatloads of money for everything I want to do in them and are no longer cost efficient i'm done with them, plain and simple.

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  • QuailmanQuailman Member Posts: 165

    So what the hell is the $15 a month for if they charge you extra for every little thing? Where exactly is that money going? This is truly shameless.


    Edit: Oh, as for a new MMO, I'm personally playing Fallen Earth and like it a lot. The devs seem to really listen to the players, and it has a really good community and a good amount of content . Might wanna give that a try, I think there's a 7 day free trial out there.

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