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Anyone else trying this? new player.

MaguaMagua Member UncommonPosts: 12

I was going to download and install this game later tonight after work and give it a try. Just seeing if anyone else out there is new to it or thinking of trying it out. I'd rather play with some other people and learn the game together and get groups going. Trying games solo can get boring and ruin the experience.


  • Dammage69Dammage69 Member Posts: 2

    I also just downloaded this Archlord,and i must say for a free mmorpg I think it has alot of promise,it has all the right elements.Sure some of the scenary could use a little more character,but i am totally hooked.My biggest complaint would be the community,people are not as freindly or talkative as I would like,trying to get a little info from other players seems to be quite a challange,but that has little to do with looks and gameplay,but a good community makes playing the game so much better.On a scale of 1 to 10 ,I would give thiis game an 8.5,it makes me happy to know that a good mmorpg doesnt have to cost 15 bucks a month a to play.


  • acerpg007acerpg007 Member Posts: 164

    Hi, i'm just new to the game.. i just downloaded the game yesterday and i played like 5 hours and i'm lvl21 now, it's very good cause when you plan to grind you just need to party and you'll get high exp.. i'm actually enjoying the game, and from what i read about this game it really sucked last year and now its changing.. i'm planning to play tonight so you can PM me IGN Ace007, and i have my brother to play with Vahn007..

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  • exoticmmosexoticmmos Member Posts: 1

     yeah im new to this game, downloading now, and id like to learn to play with some people so add me in game when i get it up and running

  • VolstagVolstag Member Posts: 25

    well from all this positive feed back i may just play this again. A while ago i tried it but i soon forgot about it. maybe it deserves a second chance.


    uhhh... dang.

  • 133794m3r133794m3r Member Posts: 173

    Well i was going to play it but the game fell apart. They cancelled down the codemaster servers. So that alone tells me it's not made to last... So all i can really say is for you guys to enjoy it. Whilst it lasts this game's  death creeps every closer.

  • ljubisaljubisa Member Posts: 13


    This game is close to be closed... It had a great potential but simply no one didn't want to listen to gamers population,...

    Geting worse and bored every day,.... 

  • jeanmarie2jeanmarie2 Member Posts: 8

    ive played archlord for maybe 2 or so years along with many other mmos and i always find myself going back to archlord again. its got a great long term community and the seiges(  guild vs guild competing for a castle) are well attended and great fun.

    its has changed hands from codemasters to webzen and many people who were codemaster players are now in the webzen game. along with a new population of european players from webzen the servers are all very active and the community is great.i have played evengarda server and also the newly created server deribelle.

    I went to deribelle server because there there arent alot of established guild and people already 90 lvls higher than you.also the server  just opened so the guilds are agressively fighting it out for the castles and the title of first archlord. money is a big problem  in the new serveras its takes time to build an in game economy when everyone just started one month ago, but for those who are resourceful you will get by .if you like to run thru town shouting gold plz gold plz & trying to get lvl share youd better try evengarda server or one of the older servers like brumhart as the older servers are wealthier and no one on deri will hand hold you thru this game .even the higher lvl players(for this new server the highest lvl is only 76) feel the lack of money so the economy in game hopefully will get better as more players reach higher lvls.i am only half joking when i say that only the hard core gamers will survive and thrive on deribelle server due to its lack of any gold in the servers.

    its the best server in my opinion tho becuase of all of the power struggles among the newly established guilds all fighting for these castles.the holder of these castles also gets to tax those portions of the map so its getting pretty down and dirty amongst the contenders.

    so if youre wondering about archlord it hasnt died and since webzen took it over its had a huge infux of new players so I think the game is better since the change.

  • jason878jason878 Member Posts: 17

    Just play WoW. It's the same thing only with smoother animations and more features.

  • jennet55jennet55 Member Posts: 3

    I've downloaded this a game a bunch of times..but it won't work..can someone give the steps they used and where they downloaded it..i downloaded it off gamershell one of the sites on the 'download 'page..Did you guys IE and was the file a zip or winwar??

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