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Anyone Who Knows Korean? ;P

bronecarbronecar Member Posts: 685

It appears the client can be downloaded on the official website. It may be restricted to beta testers, which I'm not sure of.

However, the thing is, if anyone who is able to understand Korean, would be so kind as to confirm that information, as I'm sure most of us would love to have a glimpse at the game firsthand ;)

Ofc, there is the matter of registration...


  • nevermore82nevermore82 Member Posts: 55

    Regarding the Korean CB I'm also under the impression (can't vouch for it tho, so if anyone can confirm if it's true or not it would be helpful) that the accounts at hangame are age restricted, meaning you would need to provide valid proof (probably your citizen card ID or something like that) that your over 18 to get an unrestricted account. If restricted accounts work like they do in China then you would only get a few hours of gameplay... (videogames are the devil they say :P)

    But again, somone who knows Korean is needed to verify this information :)

    TU2 Closed Beta Testing... looking very good so far :D

  • MotearMotear Member Posts: 18

    You need a KSSN...There's no way for us westerner's until another FGT.  Just keep involved in the community on their website or MMO sites and you might get access to an upcoming FGT in english.


  • LocienLocien Member Posts: 87

    Firstly the game isn't being tested at the moment but it will be again shortly for the third time. The game has been going through closed beta testing rounds but hopefully this will be the last one before open beta and then release. However you won't be able to participate in the betas or even play the game after launch on the Korean servers legally. In South Korea you need a valid social security number tied to your name and address to play an MMO and using someone else's even with consent is illegal and you shouldn't do it imo.


    Even assuming that you got in the next closed beta illegally they're going to expect you to report bugs, fill out surveys and discuss things about the game. So I think you're better off waiting for the next FGT(Focus Group Test) that's going to be held in North America. There has already been one about a month ago and there will be more. I think your best bet of getting invited to the FGT is to become an active part of the TERA community at and look out for eventual sign ups or key giveaways.

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