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My WonderKing experience.

SonatineXSonatineX Member Posts: 2

First of all, this thread was made for an recent event, describing my experiences with this game. So, if reading something like this was not your intention at all, please search for great websites/wikis that are avaible around.


    Back in the days that there weren't many 2D MMORPG's, people were stuck at some little variety of games out there. The same routine and type of playing was kinda boring, and made many people quit them.

Then, late in 2009, WonderKing has rised (at least for me, that only joined at CBTIV). At first glance, I have to say that it really looked as another grindfest game. Even so, many people were talking about it being a fun and enjoyable game, instead of something monotone and cyclic so, why  not test it? That's what I did.

The client downloaded pretty fast for me, since they have a download manager, and I was ready to test my second closed beta game (oh, and the key for the closed beta was given to me by a friend that had some spares). As always, I could find some bugs and such, but something in the game made me stick to it. Even if I had spent like 3-4 hours/day playing it, I was really enjoying it even more every time I was playing.

The community at first was really small. I can say that there were about 1000 players and like, 300 active users at forums. The way it was a small community plus the common interaction with GMs made the game experience really awesome. I remember going every morning looking at the forums and then playing a little, studying in the noon, and playing more at night, every time I was tempted to play something that gave me will.

My first chosen class was a Mage. I had plenty fun playing as so, leveling, partying with my bro, then later joining a guild (VIRUS). Skills were awesome and good-looking, and the biggest flaw of them might have been the huge cooldown for some skills, that made mages a little less powered and capable than other classes. About christmas eve, I made my Warlock (second job advance for Mages) at about level 101-102, on a short period of 25 days or so (as far I remember looking at my attendance check), leaving my character on Lamupel Mountains, apart from the cash items that I recieved that day, were the only things that I vaguely remember doing last with my Warlock, before quitting it to play on the Test Server.

Unfortunely, I have no screenshots from my Warlock for two main reasons: My WK folder was deleted when the OBT client was released, and I don't remeber taking much screenies at CBTIV, so I have little to share on images, but more to share on mind.

After that, I was chosen along with more 199 players to play on the Test Server. I can't say much about it, apart for knowing things that are all now on OBT, it was really a short test period (about 1-2 weeks). One positive thing for the TS was all the experience I gathered on the short playing period on it, that made me definetly choose my main class for OBT: Ninjas.

Ninjas were something new to me. Every game I remember playing, I think I've always chosen magic-powered jobs and such. But the thief class sounded different on Wonderking. It sounded independent and strong, two positives for me that help me decide my final main class.

Going to OBT, the wait was little. We could play the game in less than one week after CBTIV has officially closed, and the run for the highest level made many people that were waiting for the OBT appear, and steadly helped the WK community to grow fast. In 2 weeks since the OBT has started, plenty people are already level 100+, and the big number of players playing the game is now noticiable. I can tell the game has still much to develop and progress, but with a helping and kind community I see no obstacles for this.

Now that I've shared all my experiences around the game, let me tell what the game looks on the inside.

At first look, it mind sound kinda common game. As you progress on it, you'll see that there are loads for quests to be done, something really specific to the game, that mind classify it as an MMO questing RPG than a simple MMORPG. Indeed there are many quests to be done, that will help your character with equipments relevant to their level, experience points, zeds (WK currency) and also will help you understand what is the game's story and what are you fighting against, instead of randomly killing enemies for no purpose at all.

Even if you undefinely keep questing untill you reach max level, sometime it's gonna get boring. At this point, you can go explore the game's mining system (even that it has yet a little potential, I'm sure it will be more comprehensive and important at a later time), the game's marketing system, where you can trade, buy and sell everything (except for cash items and some quest items) and the crafting system, introduced to players at level 20-30, giving you 4 kinds of item craft to choose from.

There's much more to enjoy from this new (as a english version) and cool game. But, like a movie, telling everything from the game might just ruin the experience of playing it, so, if you wanna know more about it, just play, and you'll understand what I'm talking about. Cheers, and see ya in-game!

IGN: Sonatine

Ninja - Server: Kadopan




  • HpnotiqHpnotiq Member Posts: 64

    Nice paid review.  Shill 101.

  • SonatineXSonatineX Member Posts: 2

    I don't see how this sounded as a paid review, since it was all about my experience. Seriously.

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