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This question probably gets asked a lot...

Which server has the most active players? I usually go by the number of threads/posts on the forum for whatever game I'm debating on playing to decide which server.. but, that didn't work for Cabal, and all six thread/post counts are pretty close for Atlantica. Thanks in advance xP


  • laokokolaokoko Member UncommonPosts: 2,004

    There are 2 server which is the fullest.  One is Argos, the other I dont' remember.

  • trancejeremytrancejeremy Member UncommonPosts: 1,222

    Argos is the busiest, then one I can't remember, and Thebes seems to be the 3rd.

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  • MuwingMuwing Member Posts: 14

    Argos is -by far- the most populated, then Macedon., Atlantica Online fansite.

  • uhjpaeuhjpae Member Posts: 165

    How about Mycenae?


  • reimarureimaru Member Posts: 228
    yeah..where's the love for Mycenae lol
    but anyway, yeah Argos is the most populated server


  • lm8darklm8dark Member Posts: 281

    I think all servers are about the same but Argos mostly goes into busy status. Try playing in Mycenae... you can pm me if you need any help.


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  • MyreanMyrean Member Posts: 186

    I think Sikyon is the first server >.< but yeah Argos is the most populated server... I don't know why...

  • AlastiAlasti Member UncommonPosts: 287

    I know Delphi is the least populated

  • CelebiCelebi Member Posts: 53

    isn't it delphi was the new server? Hi guys... just new here in the forums :)

  • FeldronFeldron Member UncommonPosts: 337

    i would suggest sikyon its alot easier to get the item mall items with in game currency

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