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What games will you be playing by the end of 2010?

VexeVexe Member Posts: 549

I've been thinking about games that are coming out and games that are already out and I ultimately realized that I was most likely going to stick with about 3-4 MMOs by the end of 2010; some new and some old. I think that I am ultimately going to narrow down the margins of my played games to about 4 over the course of this year.

For me personally, these games will most likely be Mortal online/darkfall, Aion/The old republic (probably  TOR considering the story elements and if I can get into the beta or no), Eve, and either of the new Korean(?)  MMOs: dragon's nest OR mabinogi: heros. My generic(ish) run through and repeat kind of MMO, two sandboxes, each vastly different from the other, and a nice action combat game to round it off. a little bit of everything.

I'm fairly sure that's where I'm going to lie by the end of the year. What about you guys?

What games do you think your going to be playing by end of the year?



  • SkarothlockSkarothlock Member Posts: 89

    At this rate it looks like none...

    Am burnt on the genre and I am searching.  I have been checking out all sorts of mmo's lately but have yet to find one grab my interest.

    I will likely try SWTOR but I don't think it'll be out in 2010.


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  • VexeVexe Member Posts: 549
    Originally posted by Skarothlock

    At this rate it looks like none...
    Am burnt on the genre and I am searching.  I have been checking out all sorts of mmo's lately but have yet to find one grab my interest.
    I will likely try SWTOR but I don't think it'll be out in 2010.

    oh, good point.

  • Rayx0rRayx0r Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 2,902

    Earth Rise in 2010


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  • kejjkejj Member Posts: 37

    FF 14 I guess

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  • hidden1hidden1 Member UncommonPosts: 1,244

    With today's announcement on this site, Hellgate:  Ressurection.

  • Kungaloosh1Kungaloosh1 Member Posts: 260

    I've got a years sub to conan, but to avoid burnout i'll swap in and out and play something else too. Probably go back to Lotro from time to time.

    Finally SoE free though :)

  • CzzarreCzzarre Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,742

    I only play 1 game at a time. The big question is which one.

  • xxariochxxxxariochxx Member Posts: 97

    Pretty much none as a MMO player of 12years 2 things have happened one im sick of grinding levels and secondly im tired of gear based games. Once they come out with a game with no levels or skills that need to be upped then ill return till then forget about it.. Someone has to think why has so many of us gamers sick of MMOs those are the 2 most answered questions grinding everyone is sick of it...

    Someone with a brain needs to make a game that requires none of these things its honestly cant be that hard ive even tried to go back and just play for fun but as always i get bored and just quit..Youd would have thought after wow someone would have tried to make one game with no grinding or making gear so important but 6 years to date and no one has even bothered with the idea of just making a character playing a game. 

    I dont know where they got the idea that gear all had to be the same make for it to be the best  i do like asherson call gear randomness i really think it was the best most the time gear is always the same now days everyone is wearing the samething..

  • NeanderthalNeanderthal Member RarePosts: 1,861
    Originally posted by xxariochxx

    Pretty much none as a MMO player of 12years 2 things have happened one im sick of grinding levels and secondly im tired of gear based games. Once they come out with a game with no levels or skills that need to be upped then ill return till then forget about it..


    I preached that line off and on for years untill I finally more or less gave up on it.  Most people just can't wrap their minds around the idea of a mmorpg which isn't based on endless progression.

    As to which games I'll be playing; the way things are going....probably solitaire, maybe hearts.  I wish I could say I'm joking but I actually spend more time playing solitaire now than any other game.  As for mmo's I'm losing the will to even try out the free trials and open betas.

  • MeridionMeridion Member UncommonPosts: 1,495

    Lord of the Rings Online...


    They have yet to release Rohan, Gondor, Mordor and the game has only been gaining momentum for the last 18 months. I might take a break now and then, but the great times I had in LotRO will have me back every time they release new content... and well, Helms Deep, Minas Tirith, they already got Moria and Mirkwood spot on atmospherewise, it's just gonna be grand.

    I know I'm a fanboy, but this game is just still "wow, great" after 3 years... plain and simple...


  • BeanfieldBeanfield Member Posts: 53

    Definitely FFXIV for me. Now whether or not I'll be playing into 2011 is yet to be determined.

  • majimaji Member UncommonPosts: 2,091


    - FE as MMORPG

    - MTGO when I want to use my brain

    - TF2 when I thirst for blood

    - HoMM VI or Disciples 3

    - Civ4 multiplayer with friends

    Let's play Fallen Earth (blind, 300 episodes)

    Let's play Guild Wars 2 (blind, 45 episodes)

  • RealmLordsRealmLords Member Posts: 358

    Two on my to-do list for a while are Darkfall and Aion.  Pass on Cat, nothing in it for me.  Curious about Fallen Earth, but not sure I'm curious enough to actually do it.


    Heh, well and I might actually play a bit of my own.  I guess I'm obligated to .



    One man, a small pile of money, and the screwball idea of a DIY Indie MMORPG? Yep, that's him. ~sigh~

  • xxariochxxxxariochxx Member Posts: 97

    Well at least you know there are others out here like you neth and if you follow the boards its seems alot are finally seeing the end game of the road of mmos if they dont fix these issues they will learn the hard way....why do think all the games are bombing left and right....most ppl after say a month return back to wow because most them already have made characters there its allways easier to just play what you have established want a wow killer make a game as i have said...

  • bigmagiksbigmagiks Member Posts: 15

    Hard question

    As an Everquest 1 and 2, WOW  Veteran, a fairly accomplished EVE player, ive yet to find anything that not only has a decent end game, epic scope, and basically a lot of different interesting things to do since these titles, ive almost given up.

      Having played another 20-30 MMO's since these titles looking for somthing that at least showed a tiny bit of imagination or passionate development, end game content and rewarding goals to work toward, i have been constantly disapointed. The titles out this year and last year have been nothing short of totally abysmal, the same grind, the same quest systems the same lack of content, poor support , over prices mall items, ZERO imagination (with a couple of exceptions).

    Oh yes and the rampaging 13 year old morons constantly flaming each other and spamming there idiocy over and over, the communities on most games have become pre-pubescent flame war central, it makes me sick.

    The one game i was really looking forward too was STO, but after reading many hours of forum comments and player reviews this is starting to smell like a horrible failure in the making (i'll probly be stupid enough to try it but, and isnt that exactly what there betting on)

    Im so disgusted with the current low quality MMO's offerings in the past couple of years that ive almost been turned of  online gaming completely. I actually found myself looking up my old Everquest 2 account the other night (the world is gonna end).

    A company needs to step forward, invest some decent money in a long term project instead of a short term money grab and develop a seriously decent quality game based on feedback from the community. But what are the chances of this, its such a huge risk to develop an MMO at the moment i cant see it happening any time soon, instead we will be presented with one piece of crap after the other by studio's trying to make a quick buck.

    Sick of this FAIL industry, give me a decent game and i'll give you money.


  • ScotScot Member LegendaryPosts: 23,133

    The same MMO I am playing now, I doubt anything released this year will be worth playing till about 6 months after launch anyway.

  • nyxiumnyxium Member UncommonPosts: 1,345

     Lord of the Rings Online and hopefully Guild Wars 2.

  • caalemcaalem Member UncommonPosts: 289


    Quit playing MMOs, can't find any worth paying for.

  • ThenariusThenarius Member Posts: 1,106

    Plenty, but not MMOs, unless GW2, FF14 or Tera will turn out to be good.

  • ShojuShoju Member UncommonPosts: 776


  • MikehaMikeha Member EpicPosts: 9,196

    Tera will be my PTP game of choice and I am also looking at some FTP games like C9, Mabinogi Heroes, Dragon Nest and Aika.

  • Cephus404Cephus404 Member CommonPosts: 3,675

    Probably none, there are no games out right now that I have any interest in playing and nothing on the horizon that even looks good.  So long as MMOs remain as they are now, I just don't care.  Maybe someone will surprise me but I'm not counting on it.

    Played: UO, EQ, WoW, DDO, SWG, AO, CoH, EvE, TR, AoC, GW, GA, Aion, Allods, lots more
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  • curiindicuriindi Member Posts: 488

    It's FFXIV for me.

    Unless there's a beta spot for me, I plan on taking a break from MMORPGs to play some more console titles until the game launches.

  • Rockgod99Rockgod99 Member Posts: 4,640


    Looks like i'll be sticking with DDO.


    Playing: Rift, LotRO
    Waiting on: GW2, BP

  • LimitationsLimitations Member UncommonPosts: 85

    Probably a lot. Haha. Once HellGate London comes back, i will be hooked to that for awhile :D. My second choice will probably be... Final Fantasy for sure. <3

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