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DirectX 10 MMO's??

Just curious as too how many DirectX10 MMO's there are out there at the moment ... just got a comp with windows 7 and a decent video card... Anyone recommend something?


  • mokoleusmokoleus Member Posts: 142

    lord of the rings online and age of conan are the only ones i can think of. and lord of the rings online is adding DX 11 support sometime relatively soon

  • zeowyrmzeowyrm Member Posts: 746

    DDO as well is DirectX 10 compatible.

  • gboostergbooster Member UncommonPosts: 712

    Doesn't Fallen Earth and STO have DX10? There certainly is no excuse for releasing a new MMO without it.

    Those 3 games (LOTRO, AOC, DDO) are optimized so much better than the rest of the genre, in addition to being DX10. When I am getting 70+ FPS in LOTRO and 40+ FPS in Conan, all max settings, yet struggle to make 30 FPS in EQ2 with shadows turned off..  or have similar framerate issues in WoW, I know there is something wrong with those games. I have the 2nd most powerful graphics card in the world, dammit, (HD5870) these old games should run smooth like butter!

    It seems there is a problem with some games that are designed for lower end comuputers performing horribly on high end systems. In the case of WoW and EQ2 though, there is no excuse. Both of those companies are huge/ billions of $$ at their disposal. They need to optimize their crappy coding before I will pay to play their games.

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