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What's a good level to get to before moving off the humans island?

nov4knov4k Member Posts: 1
I ventured fourth onto the mainland at level 14 and when I got over there I felt so weak compared to the other players I was partying with, so I decided to go back to the island.  What would be a recommended level before going back to the mainland?



  • BigPeelerBigPeeler Member Posts: 1,270

    I say stay on Talking Island as long as you can find monsters suitable for your level (20+). The adena drops in TI cave are slightly higher then what monsters of that level would normally drop. Also it's pretty easy hunting (especially with a simply 2 man fighter/healer group).

    of course, don't forget to do your class quest/class change at level 19-20 though. 


  • GreatnessGreatness Member UncommonPosts: 2,106
    I got off at like lvl 15 in open beta. lol. In North American Closed Beta, I got off at like lvl 6. BIG MISTAKE! Lol. I died like everyother second! Finally, I got all the way to Elven Village and I was a really LOW lvl at that time. I stayed in Elven Village and trained there. So in conclusion, do not get of at lvl 6. lolimage. Get off at lvl 15-20.


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  • solnicarissolnicaris Member Posts: 148

    The starter area's keep you in that area until lvl19. This is when you start your change class quest for lvl20. Once you are at this level you will be good to venture forth to other areas. But do stay in the starter towns until you are 19-20 lvl if not you will die a little more than you would like. Specially since C2 patch there is alot mor aggro and party mobs to deal with.

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  • Hekkr1Hekkr1 Member Posts: 4
    when you need to do your lvl 20 quest :))
  • cyber-slcyber-sl Member Posts: 9

    Dont leave TI before lvl15 solo.

    you can do the pet quest at lvl 15 if you want a break from the grind.

    any earlier and you prob end up going back.

    Nice game played in beta and c2 jan 2005. May be back c3 if i dont like wow.

    good luck with your xping

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