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new on community..

mimzixmimzix Member Posts: 4

Hi fellas, I'm one f the newest member of this community and honestly it's my first time to join forum site so i dunno what to post first here so i want to introduce myself then my personal experience in exploring the world of mmorpg.

"Luminary Rise of the Goonzu?"A word stocked in my mind since I heard it from my friends. A month ago I really don’t know anything about this Luminary.Until one of my friend introduced this game to me and says “It’s fun you should try it”.

Before playing the game I made a research just checking what’s in this game. And in its description it says that is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG that incorporates elements of real-world political and economic systems. It makes me more curious about this game and really caught my interest. Well, it’s about how the game operates inside that really intrigues me and the Goonzu thing really gives me the feeling of wanting to know more about it. So, I visit their website to know more about Luminary Online and in the forum section I notice that there is a Goonzu section from different server. Hmmmm! What could it be?

There is a feeling of excitement in me saying explore the Luminary world.


Ohh.. enough for this kind of stuff it's just an example of how I discovered one of the MMORPG I played.

Thanks for viewing.





  • Daphne06Daphne06 Member Posts: 8

    sounds nice, but i dont have play it anymore, i think i should to have a try to play...

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